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  1. Having just taken apart an ETA 2783 movement ive realised it doesnt have a stop lever. I found an old data sheet showing the number for this part is 9433. being somewhat similar to the 2824 i was wondering if using a stop lever from a 2824 would work with the 2783?

  2. I have a 6497 clone i use as a practice movement, im sure it will be fine to use for the course. There is a difference in the bridges, the clones being in three parts compared to the ETA's two but it should be fine for a practice movement. I'm sure someone with more experience than me will either confirm this or correct me if im wrong.

    Ive uploaded a couple of images, the clone has a separate bridge for the escape wheel next to the balance wheel.






  3. My gf has an old watch with an hattori VC11 quartz movement, being such a cheap movement to replace i figure dont  fix it but just replace.  However i cant for the life of me remove them stem. Can anyone please help me with how to remove the stem from this movement? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi clockboy thank you for the reply, well tonight i started the disassembly and re-assembly of a 6497 movement, everything was going great until i dropped a screw which i cant seem to find. The worst part is im not of the size of the screw to get a replacement, the screw in question is the setting lever jumper screw. Certain parts were definitely more frustrating than golf tho to be honest i dont really get frustrated at golf. On the whole though it was great fun and i have learned a lot doing it.

  5. Hello everyone

    So a little about myself, im a golf pro by trade but have recently become more and more interested in watch repair/servicing. Luckily i stumbled upon Marks youtube channel which has led me here. I see this becoming a great hobby for me so have bought myself some tools to get started and am currently waiting for some movements to practice on. I love the engineering that goes into watch movements and cant wait to get started. Next week when i finally take delivery we'll see if im actually any good at it. I'm looking forward to getting to know the members here and discovering what i imagine is wealth of knowledge contained on the forums. 

    Kind Regards


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