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  1. If you look at the inside of the caseback there will be an Omega case # inscribed. It will be something like 191089 or 8910805. Take that number and you'll be able to search Cousins UK for parts related to that case here: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/omega-case-parts You'll also want to search in the Cousin UK documents to see if there will be a diagram for this case. There looks to be some pushers on ebay for the 1337, but you'll really need the exact part number because there are always different lengths and finishes (gold/steel) options.
  2. I've serviced several Omega 102x movements, and I've noticed that they're rather quiet, so my timegrapher will sometimes struggle to get a clean reading. I've made some measurements, and the signal from the 1020 will be 100 times smaller than an old pocket watch. I'm not familiar with your timegrapher, but maybe adjust the gain settings? If you can see that the balance has good amplitude, and you're confident in your cleaning/oiling, I would wear it and see what kind of performance you get.
  3. I have done the same thing on a 565. I chose to press out the Incabloc setting. I then installed the new spring and jewel into the setting, and then pressed the assembly back in. I didn't have any issues with it changing the end-shake.
  4. I have a BestFit catalog that shows it uses a BestFit 910N mainspring, there's one on ebay for sale...
  5. I've had similar behavior when the cannon pinion is really loose, where any jolt to the watch would cause the minute hand to move around. The watch would loose or gain a lot of time, but always look good on the timegrapher. The same thing goes for a loose minute hand. If you set the time to midnight are the minute and hour hands stilled aligned?
  6. Is it the "stop click"? https://www.ebay.com/itm/AS-1320-CERTINA-21-014-PART-1428-NOS/123741348195?hash=item1ccf8f2163:g:N1kAAOSwEVZaW2ql
  7. I have a very similar set, and they can work well if everything goes right. I would highly recommend practicing on some expendable mainsprings before you attempt an expensive or hard to replace mainspring. I mangled quite a few getting the hang of it.
  8. Is it the crown wheel rocker? https://www.ebay.com/itm/ETA-CAL-2390-2391-2406-2408-2450-2456-2472-KRONRADWIPPE-PART-No-460/113725859881?hash=item1a7a96e829:g:57IAAOSwSlBYtqa0
  9. I found this blog to be very helpful in understanding watch adjusting. https://adjustingvintagewatches.com/what-is-watch-adjusting/
  10. I have done this fiddly repair recently on a 620, so it is possible. First you'll remove the hairspring/balance from the balance cock. Flip over the balance cock and you'll see the u-shaped clip that is holding in the incabloc setting. I would recommend installing the new shock-spring and cap jewel into the setting before installing back into the balance cock. You can scavenge a new shock-spring for a reasonable price from www.ofrei.com , part:FB-INCA-ROA466
  11. I've found the Cousins website helpful for finding Omega part numbers, just search for the case reference. https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/search?SearchString=166.0020 The crystal diameter is 31.60 mm for this case reference. I would recommend getting the genuine Omega crystal as the profile of the crystal integral in sealing the case. https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2019/05/05/omega-seamaster-de-ville/
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