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  1. So where did you get this fine looking device Anthony?
  2. Hi everyone. Just recently took up watch repair. I have been a auto/motorcycle mechanic, Navy jet aircraft mechanic, chemist/physicist, industrial mechanic/electronics technician, DOD photographic technologist, ski lift electronics technician, and now a hydroelectric communications, instrumentation and relay technician. Whew, that is a list and a half. I have long been interested in watch repair but not until the last couple years and after inheriting my grandfather's Elgin Grade 345, great-grandfathers Grade 180, and a Grade 581 Master Navigation watch did I take the hobby up. The Grade 581 had a broken balance staff so that was my first experience with watch repair. Getting the balance poised and now timed has been a great challenge. Finally have it running within a second an hour, just today. Cant hardly wait to read the messages in this board so I am off a running. Chuck Ps. Here is an image of the old broken balance staff from the GCT I shot with my scanning electron microscope I have in my living room. Couple regular shots of the 581 too. Sure glad my wife understands and even promotes my obsessions!
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