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    luiazazrambo reacted to HSL in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    Unfortunately I am out of this part for the PUW 60, but there are a couple of PUW movements using the same.

    Kronradring 422 (60) , PUW 60, PUW 61, PUW 61S, PUW 63, PUW 65
    If you sometime in the feature would need another bearing I have Kronradring 422 (70) for PUW 70, PUW 73, PUW 80, PUW 260, PUW 261, PUW1260, PUW 1261, PUW 560, PUW 561, PUW 562, PUW 563T, PUW 564T, PUW 565T, PUW1560, PUW 1561, PUW 1562, PUW 1563T, PUW 1564T, PUW 561E, PUW 562E. PUW 1561E, PUW 1562E  

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    luiazazrambo reacted to watchweasol in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    Hi Luiz     I have attached tech sheet for the 560  Not your caliber but it  shows the part.
    3422_PUW 560.pdf
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    luiazazrambo reacted to HSL in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    Just took a look and PUW movements in general has a crown wheel with a small bearing. And by the looks of your ratchet screw I would say it is missing the small bearing and is upside down.
    I just pop a picture on a common PUW ratchet wheel here so you can see what it might look like. 

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    luiazazrambo reacted to watchweasol in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    Hi Luiz  HSL is correct the inner ring  is missing and the screw locks down on to the crown wheel not the ring. The part is numbered 422  and known as the crown wheel ring. 
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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from jdm in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    Crown wheel of course.... screw has no shoulder probably the washer was then lost. 
    I am learning... very slowly... went to bed 4:15 this morning. I was shocked by the result after the cleaning i guess i must pay the price of the knowledge. Very painful so far and not much knowledge gained, well to my former myself i go with lightspeed but it is just not enough and they say there is no 2 x lightspeed. 
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    luiazazrambo reacted to clockboy in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    Maybe the ratchet wheel is upside down. See below the PUW 61
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    luiazazrambo reacted to jdm in puw 60 ratchet wheel would not turn   
    What you have circled in the picture is the crown wheel and screw. The screw should have a shoulder section to keep it distanced, or a (lost) washer was used there.
    That is why I wash with petroleum only and IPA only, by hand. And mild ammonia only if there are brass / gilted parts.
    Then every other thread we read about beginners (but not only) getting fixated on on machines and commercial solutions.
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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from eccentric59 in new to the forum   
    Oh crap, he found me!!!

    Funny facts: I was told, that he could actually not remove a spring like me before without pinging us away! Not even once! What was he thinking!!?? He just got lucky finding us, like now. I thought that he would never look under his pedestal.
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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from AndyHull in WWW Eterna sucked me in.   
    If you are interested how are these "crystal" cutters are used here is a recent article made by a Hungarian horologist, it is written in Hungarian but i tried it with google translate and while the translation is not 100% perfect it gives you a readable and understandable text:
    crystal cutter in use 
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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from watchweasol in WWW Eterna sucked me in.   
    If you are interested in history and watches I do recommend to read his all other articles. Horology is his hobby and he spends the time to tell you a story rather than just show you how to service something or how to bring something back to life again. You can have a glimpse of the closed eastern block and the people living in it. There is a story form the WWII, there are more recent stories. He shares his knowledge with everybody without earning a penny for it. Truly unique and amazing.
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    luiazazrambo reacted to AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    They are a lot easier to deal with than for example the BFG 866, which, while similar in construction uses a single plate, which invariably results in a wrestling match to get all of the wheels to sit nicely at the same time to allow you to screw the plate down.
    Ingersoll used a number of different movements over the years. Some relatively simple pin levers like this, and others fully jewelled.
    Look out for the Ingersoll Sealions. They were very popular and there are some nice examples around for not much money.
    Even the most tatty examples I've collected  cleaned up nicely and there are some very attractive designs. .
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    luiazazrambo reacted to AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    Have you been sneaking round my back garden again?
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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    This has a CAL 400 movement as far as I see it. I love them and they start to love me too!  CAL 400 I have more in my pile, but struggling to find the time to play with them, or if i have the time i spend it with sleeping.
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    luiazazrambo reacted to JohnD in Watch of Today   
    No need to do that, click on the image in the link and you will find it is a very high definition (2331x3190 pixels) picture, with no water mark on it to spoil it. Down load and save it, then get your local print shop to colour print it for you in A3 or larger........
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    luiazazrambo reacted to FLwatchguy73 in Watch of Today   
    My Stormtrooper, 6139-7100, arrived yesterday. I had planned to take it all apart for a service. I first placed it on the timegrapher and it is actually running great. So I will leave it until I get the correct inner bezel. Not exactly sure what year this was made as the caseback is not original. I believe it was made in 1975. The seller was in Venezuela and it arrived shockingly fast. Overall a great watch in great shape.

    I wonder how it earned the nickname "Helmet" ?

    Ohhh... Now I see the resemblance!

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    luiazazrambo reacted to AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    Advert? What advert? You are going to get me in to trouble, I'm sure advertising is not allowed under the forum rules..

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    luiazazrambo reacted to JohnD in Watch of Today   
    Keeping with this theme, how about this Ingersoll? Made in Wales I believe.....

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    luiazazrambo reacted to AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    I finally got round to replacing the crystal on this Bifora 115/CLD based "F Hinds" 17 jewel, which has been waiting patiently since December 2018 for me to do something about its cosmetic imperfections.

    Its one I wear fairly regularly, (hence the slightly scruffy strap), so I thought since I'm on a horrible crystals purge, it deserved "the treatment".
    The crystal for this one came from our very own luiazazrambo via ebay.

    He just so happened to be the only seller I could find with the correct high dome in the correct size. I didn't even know it was his seller ID, till he PM'ed me after I had made the purchase. Its a small world. Thanks again for a prompt and painless transaction.
    Here is a little info about the German manufacturer Bifora.
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    luiazazrambo reacted to rodabod in high domed crystal vs high domed crystal   
    The original crystal looks close to the profile of a standard Sternkreuz HW. An extra high dome might be what you'd use for a chronograph watch.
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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from Don in Led Workbench Light Assessment.   
    Don's lamp inspired me so I created my own. 

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    luiazazrambo reacted to AndyHull in Revisiting an old hobby   
    Speaking of said Sekonda, I posted a couple of pictures of this latest addition to the club on the "Watch of Today" thread, but I thought it worth mentioning that it has settled down to a good solid performer.

    A couple of days after servicing, and following a full day of digging fence pole holes for a gate,  and chasing weeds in the garden, with it strapped to my wrist, it is sitting at around +20 s/day. I may indulge in a little more "tweakage" and see if I can get it near COSC, but for now I'm happy with it.

    Speaking of garden, I found a visitor tucked under the hedge at the front, a red legged partridge sitting on a clutch of 12 eggs.

    My (vegetarian) wife has let it be known that neither it, nor the hare that keeps eating random things in the garden are going to end up in the stew pot, 'cos if they do, I'll be in the pot with them.
    Looks like I'll just have to stick with the KitKats for the time being.
    There is also a rather dim witted pied wagtail which has decided to nest under a small shovel on a shelf in the shed. Every time I go in I need to remember to whistle as I approach, otherwise when I swing round the corner in to veiw it explodes  in a cloud of feathers and whizzes past my ear in a panic.
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    luiazazrambo reacted to jdm in stem crown loctite   
    Yeah that's what I have and indeed is weak so to suggest that faith is also required for it to hold.
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    luiazazrambo reacted to oldhippy in stem crown loctite   
    Loctite blue seems to be the most favourite by watch repairers. I never ever used any type of glue. If the button came away from the stem, it would be the inside thread in the button had worn, or some wear to the thread of the stem or both. So I would replace, what ever was needed. 
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    luiazazrambo reacted to jdrichard in stem crown loctite   
    I use no loctite for pocket watch crowns and stems as the threads are big enough to have a good grip. For watches, the blue medium should do. Any other thoughts out there?

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    luiazazrambo got a reaction from Pip in screw head   
    That is the only bergeon tool I ever bought as I thought it is a life saver. I used it twice so far, both times I brutally damaged the main plate. I still have nightmares.  However knowing about myself probably I was not careful enough and I had no experience or has no experience yet as how to use it properly. I seem to have difficulties to understand that you have to take your time when you deal with watch movements.
    The crown shaped end of the tool could not get a good grip on the broken screw by the way and I made also a mistake not to use the proper sized tool originally and when I used the right size? it was already too late. Was too hasty etc. The watch i prepared as an xmass present for Mrs still has the broken screw and this thing never goes away... i must fix it sooner or later as it will haunt me forever.
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