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  1. Hey AntiqueHoroly! Welcome aboard! Yes, maybe we will run into each other one day. Randy
  2. I wish that were true in my case, but I've broken the hole (rectangular slot) on one of the mainsprings from cold-working it too much. I've been trying the thumb method with some success, but I thought maybe the winder would do a better job to naturally get it done right.
  3. This is one of the many areas I'm not experienced or knowledgeable enough. I was going by the inside diameter of the Mainspring Barrel that I measured with a digital caliper at 12.0 mm. I do not know what the wall thickness of the Barrel is at the moment. The wrist watch is a 1930's Ingersoll Mickey Mouse. The Mainspring is not replaceable with a new one, as everyone probably knows, so I've cleaned it and now I thought I would try to reshape it some, for lack of better terms, before greasing it. The connection to the Barrel Arbor looks like someone else tried to use pliers to get it connected, but did not succeed.
  4. Unfortunately, the Bergeon is for ETA movements. The movement I have is from the USA. Thanks for trying!
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can get a mainspring winder for a 12mm barrel? Thank you
  6. AndyHull, I managed to get a lot closer look and found where the broken off extended pivot of the seconds wheel gear was still inside the post of the seconds brass disc. The post is riveted to the seconds disk. The pivot of the seconds wheel gear is press fitted into the post. It was a very tight fit requiring a tiny bit of oil, setting time, and needle nose pliers to remove. Now, I have to find another seconds wheel gear to replace the one I broke.
  7. Is the Seconds Wheel Gear and the Seconds Brass Disc press fitted together on the 1930's Mickey Mouse wrist watches? If so, how do you remove the post of the Seconds Disc from the wheel? Thank you, Randy
  8. @vinn3 I appreciate your input. I got lucky and was able to get an Ingersoll Mickey that was very cheap and requiring cleaning.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm from Georgia, USA. I'm very new to watch repair and this forum, but I have always been fascinated by the engineering of mechanical watches. I've started collecting some vintage Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watches, and I'm wanting to learn how to clean and service them myself as a hobby. If any of you have any knowledge of the 1930's Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wrist watches, please share. Randy
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