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  1. Hmmm,I should have photographed it when I had it apart,I completely removed the clamps holding the movement onto the Dubois module,and then removed the movement,the Dubois seemed to be held in by two ‘dogs’ (little ear things with a screw in the middle,case fasteners?) I removed these,but the chrono would not budge one bit,tried it side to side,zero movement,tapped the glass,nada...so seeing as I ‘got’ it working again,I bottled out and put it all back together again.This was my first ever watch work,and the watch has been a non-runner for six months,it had gotten water in (misting) ideally I wanted to replace the buttons for chrono,as these are the guilty party,but I ended up just cleaning it up,the crown stem was rusty too,so did the same,but rough and ready,but,I really enjoyed doing it,such a satisfying feeling when you screw stuff back together,it’s my watch and I’m very happy for now.Going to get a movement and practice a full tear down,I’m hooked ...plus,I did all this whilst in my hammock! Which is great for catching stuff that ‘pings’ out of the teeezers...which happened a few times! Great stuff and thanks for your reply,cheers,Joel, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi there folks,got into Marks vids about two weeks ago,bought loads of tools (mainly cheap Ebay crap) anyways,I have an Auto Speedmaster,with a 2890-A2 in it,but I can’t for the life of me get it out of the case,I’ve ended up removing the movement from the Chrono module,but still can’t get the chrono mod out of the case,so...does it come out of the front ?...cheers,Joel.
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