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  1. Oh, I'm sorry. Instagram is more of a picture posting medium. But, I understand your position.
  2. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Great job security for those of us who follow the trade. That's how I view it anyway.
  3. I know a lot of collectors and hobbyists are on Instagram, and post their collections and projects there. Not sure if a post like this already exists, but it didn't develop after a search. Here's mine: www.instagram.com/antique_horology
  4. Hey rwrimes, I'm in Georgia as well. Eatonton, Georgia. Maybe we'll run into each other one day.
  5. So much this. I used to waste a lot of time traveling to and from my watchmaker (30 minutes one way) to open and close these types of backs. Now, the rubber ball works 90 percent of the time. Of course, I have some every so often that are either cross threaded by someone else or the gasket has disintegrated within the threads.
  6. Thanks oldhippy! Looking through all of the sub forums here, I think there are a lot of "projects" that may just get finished now...
  7. Thank you very much for the validation. I just wanted to make sure before unnecessarily causing myself more work.
  8. Hey ya'll, My first real post here, and I'm sure it's a complete no-brainier, but we all have to start somewhere. I have an 11-BLC from a Bulova Sea King that I need to re-attach hands to. I want to make sure I am hitting the correct release screw before moving forward. I am guessing its the screw just next to the S in Jewels? Here's a picture of the movement in question:
  9. Quick intro to why I'm here and who I am. My name is Joe Tkacik, I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, the son of an engineer, there were always things around the house in pieces. I'm a special education director, and am extremely passionate about seeing children find what they're good at, and build on those skills. My first job at a jeweler in Atlanta is where I became enamored with mechanical timepieces. Clocks, watches, timers, etc... We had a watchmaker on site who mostly kept to himself, but I worked my way into his shop area more and more often. He taught me basic skills like stem replacement, crystal replacement, how to reattach a damaged crown, bezel, etc... I have ZERO formal training, but am quite the tinkerer and love to learn how different movements work. I am a collector and have been saving "junk" from yard sales, flea markets and basically any other place I can get my hands on them. Typically I do a quick refurbish and find them a new home. You can find my collection on Instagram by searching my username here. I am married and have three children. We all appreciate a good watch, and the stories that often accompany them. I hope to learn a lot here!
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