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  1. Big thanks to JDM for the idea with the sanding block. Ended up 3D printing a holder to support the crystal in a drill press so i could reduce the outer diameter while it was rotating. Worked perfectly.
  2. Found the correct inside diameter at 28.4 with an outside diameter of 29.7 and actually need 29.4. Any recommendations for reducing the size accurately while leaving a clean finish?
  3. Hi All, looking for some help identifying the correct crystal type for a Tudor Advisor Alarm ref 7926 circa 1958. The watch has a retaining bezel over the crystal which is .5mm thick with an outer non stepped diameter of 29.4mm. Overall height is 3.7mm. Any help would be much appreciated. Mark
  4. still looking for this pinion as I dont think repair is an option as it is so small with a main shaft measuring only .2mm diameter unles anyone can help with this?
  5. Will look at the other ETA’s with sub seconds to see if it matches. Appreciate the guidance.
  6. Thats great, appreciate the advice. Thank you
  7. I can’t confirm the calibre as the only numbers on the movement are the ETA ones but sounds the same to me.
  8. Would appreciate some advice on transferring jewels to a new barrel bridge as the part is supplied new without them. Should they be re-used or new ones fitted? and if so what tools would work well for this without breaking the bank. This work is for an ETA2836-2. Please forgive this newbie question as this level of work is new to me as I build by skills.
  9. Very much agree with the above as I have the new Witchi 1000 which does indeed work with my co-axial Omega cal 8800.
  10. Hi Guys, Hoping for some help sourcing a part for an Oris Big Crown which I am in the middle of servicing. The watch movement is essentially an ETA 2836-2 which had sustained damage to most of the keyless works especially the ratchet wheel which ended up with very few teeth left on it. Not sure how this had happened but the owner had noticed some slipage when winding but not the accumulation of debris inside the display back. Needles to say the movement was heavily contaminated with material from the ratchet wheel. Following a complete strip, clean, rebuild, lubrication and a number of new parts its now back to working and running well. Only problem is the movement has a sub seconds dial at the 9 o'clock position but the pinion, which is driven by the third wheel is damaged. I have done the usual search with my goto supplier for parts, Cousins, but cannot track down a replacement pinion or even find any reference to it on the net. Any help would be most gratefully received.
  11. Hi Guys. I am a keen hobbyist and collector and have got myself into repairs, servicing etc. I have followed Marks youtube channel for some time now and have learnt a huge amount. I will always be grateful to Mark for sharing his knowledge and skills. Don't think i will ever achieve Mark's level of watchmaking skill but then this is only a hobby for me and at the minute not something I could justify spending the required money on tools to allow me to make individual parts etc.
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