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    Gabe90 got a reaction from Delgetti in Tissot Seastar 2481   
    Thank you very much, guys.
    I actually assembled it back together on Friday night. Now everything works like a dream.
    Delgetti, you were right, the lever was upside down so it could not push the castle wheel all the way to the intermediate wheel. Soon I turned that, I could see that such a silly mistake I made and did not spot it for so long.
    Special thanks for you HSL for the great pictures and explanation. You must have some serious skills if you got it working after five beers.   Sometimes I feel that my hands are not steady enough even without beer.
     All your information will be even more useful when I strip the whole movement again for cleaning and lubricating soon.

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    Gabe90 reacted to Delgetti in Tissot Seastar 2481   
    Maybe the lever that grips into the sliding pinion has been put in upside down?
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    Gabe90 reacted to HSL in Tissot Seastar 2481   
    Think this is a nice movement too, but on the other hand I say that about all of the mechanical ones.
    These have that push change of date. When I look at your picture I miss the part changing date it's a small lever marked with a yellow ring if this is put back the wrong way it will cause some problems. 
    I add some pictures of how the key less work should be reassembled.

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    A pizza and five beers later it's time to reassemble the date part. Must say it's a hairy work if new to the trade.
    I start with putting back the date lever spring. make sure you get the setting lever into position.
    Next I put the date lever into place, make sure the little nob on the lever ends up in the little **BLEEP** in the spring.
    Now I switch side..

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    Gabe90 reacted to HSL in Tissot Seastar 2481   
    A tip is to insert the date jumper spring into the bridge fist, use a peg wood to push it in place.
    Put the date lever into place and gently slide the bridge with the click spring into place.
    Next I put the datering into place and check the date click end up in the grove.

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    Gabe90 reacted to HSL in Tissot Seastar 2481   
    As the grand finale I now fix the bridge at the key less work into place , I throw in the hour wheel and test the functionality.. voila...
    Hope this will help you..

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