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  1. Thank you very much, guys. I actually assembled it back together on Friday night. Now everything works like a dream. Delgetti, you were right, the lever was upside down so it could not push the castle wheel all the way to the intermediate wheel. Soon I turned that, I could see that such a silly mistake I made and did not spot it for so long. Special thanks for you HSL for the great pictures and explanation. You must have some serious skills if you got it working after five beers. Sometimes I feel that my hands are not steady enough even without beer. All your information will be even more useful when I strip the whole movement again for cleaning and lubricating soon.
  2. Hi Gents, I have just bought a Tissot Seastar 1970 with a 2481 movement. After opening the back, it seems it is in fairly good condition. No rust or dust. It is ticking well and what I really like in this movement is that the date can be set by pushing in the crown. And this is where the problems start. After a couple of pushing, I could not be able to set it anymore. I was going to take apart anyway to clean and lubricate it. So, as soon as, I started dismantling the movement I saw that the problem caused by the return spring, not in place. I assembled it back again and the date moves smoothly, however, when I want to set up the time and pull the crown out the castle wheel does not reach the intermediate wheel even if the return bar and spring seem to be at their right place. The check spring is not bent. When the crown is pushed in, I can wind up the watch. Maybe the return spring? I have no clue. Have you got any idea how to solve this problem? Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. Hope it helps though. Please detail your answers as I am just a beginner. Any help is much appreciated. Gabe
  3. Hello Gents, My name is Gabe and writing from Worthing, UK. I work in engineering and a few years ago I got interested in how mechanical watches work. I started watching Mark's videos and reading watch repairing books. Then bit by bit I bought the essential tools for small services. At the moment I practice working on vintage watches as a hobby. I like to read the experts' threads here and I might ask some help in the future. Many thanks for running this forum. Gabe,
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