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  1. Hi, is this still holding up well? I'm considering purchasing one. Thanks
  2. good info, thanks for the correction! I just saw the technical guide that I found on NH25 VS 35 and saw a .1mm difference in casing diameter while the height was identical. Do you know how much the difference in height is, between the diver/non-diver? And yes, I forgot the crown and stem... The SARB059 crown is commonly used, but usually more expensive and harder to find than aftermarket options. That one works without any modifications on the SKX. Crystaltimes, DLW Watches, Watch&Style, SeikoCrown and probably some more supply aftermarket crowns which will fit the stem that is supplied with the NH36 movement. It's possible to use the stem that's threaded on the plastic crown without trimming it, as that one already has the right length that is required for the SKX. I've personally chosen the pre-cut stem/crown combo from Crystaltimes, when I've swapped to the NH36.
  3. The original movement is the 7s26 which can be found some places online, but is not that easily available. NH36, which is day-date (NH35 is date only), is available from CousinsUK or for a similar price on Ebay/AliExpress. You have to switch out the day wheel to one that is for a 4 o'clock movement, as 99% of the NH36 movements you find online come with a 3 o'clock day wheel. The supplied grey spacer ring which is already mounted on the movement does fit in most cases, but there's a tiny chance that it'll be a bit too snug as it's a bit bigger in diameter than the black spacer, which is found on the 7s26. So, NH36 is a day/date movement that you can use, but you have to get some 4 o'clock day wheels.
  4. I get what you're saying and I wasn't really planning on removing the indices, more how to "touch up" the hands or dirty spots on indices -while still attached to the dial. It didn't come through in my initial request, sorry about that. When I take pics with my Huawei (damn macro feature) of one of my watches with polished hands, I can zoom in and see these spots and I really hate it. If I ever were to sell the watch, I would want the watches to look good, even at close range with a good camera. I'll try saliva on cotton on a pair of old hands, thanks for the tip clockboy. Is it too much to ask for a watch under £400 that the hands doesn't look like the attached pic? I'm simply asking because I don't know.
  5. Hi, I just grabbed a screenshot from one of Mark's service videos. As you can see, there are quite some markings on the polished hands and indices. So my question is; how would one clean this?
  6. Yes. For this to be accurate the rate should be measured over an extended period of time, as the daily rate will vary with different activity levels, what position the watch is placed at night etc...
  7. Hi. I have an old Certina from ca. 1961 that I bought a few years ago. It has always had this loud, extra "tick" sound to it, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what causes it and if it's something I can correct or not. The movement's name is 28-15. When I've placed it on the timegrapher, the beat error is under 0.5ms and it runs well enough both on my wrist and on the machine. The only issue is this extra ticking sound, and it's so loud that I'm not really wearing the watch because of it. If anyone can assist on what causes it and if it's a fairly easy thing to fix or too advanced for a beginner, that would be great! Start with low volume!! The quality of the clip might not be very good. I've attached both an audio file and a link to an uploaded version of the clip. uploaded version Thanks in advance. tickingsound.mp3
  8. Hi, I just joined the forum after starting on Mark's course. I've done quite a few modifications on affordable Seikos, which includes changing hands, dials, crystals, crowns, gaskets, movements and changing out day/date wheels. If it is of interest to anyone, I have posted some of the "mods" on my Instagram account, which is the same as my username. Apparently, I can't get enough of learning everything there is to know about watches and have now started to pick apart and put together (broken) movements, hence why I'm here. I'll surely have some questions for the other more experienced members on here. Thanks!
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