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  1. Hello to everyone on this excellent forum. I received a lovely Tag Heuer watch from my wife for my 50th last August. It has re-awoken an interest in watches when I was a younger man, and I have decided to try and get all my old bedside drawer abandoned watches working again. I have been successful in reviving two of them. Quartz only so far. My old childhood Ruhla will have to be sent to an expert to keep it working efficiently. I am slowly picking up the correct tools to work on mechanical watches myself as a hobby. But I am surprised at how difficult it is to find nice or salvagable watches at various places such as car boot sales or charity shops. It is usually only low quality quartz items I find. I just want some pieces I can work on and see if I can revive some unloved timepieces. I have the feeling a lot of items on eBay are only there because they are beyond repair. Am I wrong in thinking this? Please correct me if I am. Anyway, this is an excellent forum. Really friendly and some really knowledgeable and talented people.
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