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  1. Hi Guys, My latest project is this Poljot P3133, photos attached. It's had a clean (by hand so not completely shiney!) and it's up and running. The hinge on the case is broken and I'm having a tricky time finding someone in Cambridge to repair it. Most say they won't touch it because any heat applied will of course cause the gold plating to peel off. If anyone has any good ideas about the case I'd be much obliged, thanks. I broke one of the Liar springs and replaced it with a Valjoux Incabloc spring which seems to work OK. Here are a couple of pics. Kind regards, Graham
  2. Hi VWatchie, Great to hear how you're getting on, well done. I'm doing just about exactly what you're doing (close to retirement etc and loving Omegas!) very new to it all but have done Mark's repair course so looking for something to practice on, also struggling a bit to find the 'right' watch to fix up wear for a while then sell, hopefully not at a loss! Graham
  3. To watchweasol and transporter, thanks for your info, much obliged. Gram
  4. Hi Guys, How useful is the Timing App for the iPad/iPhone. I have the Timegrapher app and I'm not sure whether to trust it? Regards, Gram
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm new to watch repair or anything to do with watches, in fact I don't even own a watch! I'm a part-time (trying to retire!) airline pilot shortly about to begin a short course in watch-making. So this is just an introduction and a hello to all keen watch-people, hopefully we'll be able to share more as I gain some knowledge an expeience. Kind regards, Graham
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