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  1. Gentlemen thank you for the response. I will open the back and post some pics. As far as smashing the watch, It almost met my wall on the other side of the room last night. unfortunately this “replica” is the closest I am able to get to a genuine Rolex right now. I had my doubts when I bought it. It didn’t turn out well at all. I sent it back, the seller offered a refund but I wanted to give benefit of the doubt. He assured me that he tested it for five days and then sent it back. It runs when I don’t wear it but stops many times when I do wear it. The replica case, hands and face are really nice IMO. I just want to try to replace with a better quality movement. I will get more pics posted of the movement. Until then I will search eBay for the movement you suggested. Hopefully some day God will bless me with a bank account large enough to afford a $10,000 watch. Until then, this is the best I can do and begin with my watch collecting! thanks again, Glenn
  2. Good evening, I’ve recently had the worst luck with an homage Rolex that I bought on eBay. It has a terrible dg2813 movement in it and it keeps stopping. Any suggestions on another movement that I could buy online to replace it? the case is an 116610 stainless steel submariner. The watch looks great and you would never be able to tell that it was a fake. I just need a new movement and I don’t know what would fit. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks, Glenn
  3. Thank you sir. Glad to be here. Glenn
  4. I probably should have introduced myself first, Sorry! My name is Glenn Edwards. I am from Trussville, Alabama in the U.S. I am very close to the city of Birmingham, AL which is where I work . I have worked in Aviation for over 30 years as a line service technician. I have been employed with Regions Financial for 4 years and I maintain our 3 aircraft which are used to fly our board members and executives. I clean the aircraft, refuel and tow them. We have 3 Bombardier Challengers. Two 350 models and one 300 model. I am married to Melissa and we have four children between us. All grown except for two girls. One will be graduating high school in May of this year and the other will be a Senior in high school this coming fall. I have always been very interested in mechanical watches and how they work. I also collect military leather flight jackets. However, as a hobby or a side business, I feel that watch repair would be more fulfilling and substantial in the long run. I am also in the beginnings of starting my own aircraft washing/detailing business. I also served in the Army National Guard for 3 years. Thanks for reading! I really hope to start repairing watches as a novice and progress from there. Glenn
  5. Good afternoon. Very new to this but I am very interested in beginning to repair mechanical watches. I have watched many of your videos on youtube and have gotten some great information. As I said, I am completely ignorant of how to even begin watch repair and servicing. But a friend has entrusted me with some practice watches to start with because he would like for me to try to repair his BREITLING for BENTLEY MOTORS CHRONOGRAPH. It has a two button function in addition to the crown. The watch runs and keeps time but needs the top button to the ?chrono/tachy? replaced. The button is completely missing. Is this an easy part to order and replace or am I in over my head? Thanks in advance for your help. Glenn Edwards
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