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  1. I managed to get the clock running by making a brass contact plate however although the clock runs and keeps good time the pendulum doesn’t swing as it should but more twitches so something is not right. The saddlery work is going well and I’m getting faster. Started training on the computer engraving machine so another string to the bow.
  2. It is indeed and Newmarket has a considerable amount of horses so plenty of work to keep me busy
  3. That is lovely I’m getting the hang of it but the industrial machines we use try to run away with me. I’m getting the hand stitching sorted and mainly doing repairs taking the load off the main guys in the workshop. My biggest problem is that I struggle to keep in mind the repair is just that. It does not need to be as good as new so I’m spending too much time trying to make it as perfect as I can. I’m learning though and loving it
  4. I will do when I get to it. It’ll mean taking it off and dismantling it first and I’m working during the day at my new job. I’m now an apprentice saddler! At 54! Working in a proper old school type workshop
  5. Thanks guys I think I will have to take the box off and examine it to see where the connection is then get the iron out.
  6. Good morning guys and thanks for the replies. WW it’s not the type I have mine is powered by a magnet under the pendulum. I’ve added pics showing the clock and the movement including the broken area.
  7. I have one of these to try and fix. It has a electronic movement that powers a magnet that drives the pendulum that then runs the clock movement. Unfortunately this part has been damaged. Has anybody worked on one of these or know whereabouts I might find a replacement drive unit?
  8. Same, I have clocks ticking and chiming in my little room but have to silence them because the wife moans at how much noise they make
  9. Hi Tony and welcome to the forum. Join in and you will have a laugh, get some useful information and get to meet some very interesting people.
  10. Hi Rob, I agree with JB that is a fantastic result on the bench. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Welcome Craig, there are plenty on here who will be able to help. Have fun it’s a forum of great people and lovely watches and clocks.
  12. Ok it’s time again to offer a movement to anyone who would like it. Sorry but it has to be UK only due to postage costs. Its a Timex, it looks to be an older movement and it’s running although it appears to be running fast. Oh and it’s free! All I suggest is that the recipient considers offering something that they do not need in the clock/watch world to keep the karma flowing. PM me if you would like and I’ll stick it in the post. First come first dibs
  13. Hi Jo. Sounds like you will fit right in around here. Welcome.
  14. Hi Brian, watches get broked then you find this forum and you fix. As you do you get advice, you get a nasty case of watch collectorum and you lose all sense of sanity. It’s ok though coz you’re with a like minded group of collectorettes and we will support and defend you
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