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  1. That’s the plan Jimmy. I’ve had a go at turning down a thin bar drilling into the end and also thinning down a piece of pivot wire and shaping it. Working this small is a challenge. Getting the centre point is very tricky but the U3 is pretty tight.
  2. Keep going Greg it’s looking good. Am I right in thinking it’s a 3D design? Built up in multiple layers.
  3. Thanks guys. Christmas I think it’ll take longer than that! My first project is in hand, repairing a broken pivot. I’ll show how I’ve gotten on once I’ve finished. Not too sure on the belts, they look a little used so with the new motors they will be replaced. I have had a fun day playing
  4. Welcome to the oldies club Greg.
  5. Lovely looking drawer chest JDM and thanks for the comments
  6. The knurling tool isn’t an Emco product but it will fit in the toolposts so I can use it. The saw was a mistake purchase. It’s one for the SL so the fitting isn’t correct. They did two for the SL one of which is totally different. This is the same shape and design as the U3 one however the fitting plate is wrong. The actual saw unit unbolts from the fitting plate so I should be able to fabricate something.
  7. Not everything came with it, I’ve been buying a few extras but the lathe and mill attachment and most of the Emco stuff with the original lathe were there. Ive also purchased two upgrade motors and associated bumph to improve it by turning it into variable speed on separate independent motors for the lathe and mill. Just waiting for the PSU unit to turn up to fit that all together.
  8. So my wife will not be using it for her jewellery it’s going to be used for my new purchase that arrived yesterday. I am like a kid at Christmas!
  9. Top notch as expected Greg following this one!
  10. Are you using the comb that came with the new barrel? I’m guessing it will be tuned for that. Is the gap in the shiny come meant to be there? It’s coming on nicely.
  11. Hi Jeffie and welcome. With the Seikos you’ll fit right in Have fun and chat away.
  12. Thanks OH I think you will like what it’s going to be used for.
  13. Yup another good looking piece.
  14. Agreed, I’ve just got to find somewhere to put it lol not much room left in the little workroom
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