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  1. Well yeah as you guys said i saw some second hand machines on ebay but they are still a bit expensive for me at the moment, and since i don't know a lot about them i don't want to buy one that will need repairs or anything i don't have the ability to do. But i'll try to find little glass container to use in my ultrasonic cleaner, that sounds like a good option until i get the money to buy a big machine ! Thanks for the tips
  2. Hello everyone, As i'm getting more movements i was thinking about getting some proper cleaning machine. I don't have enough to afford a real one right now so i'm trying to find a way to make my own, i wanted to know if any of you did this kind of project to get some advices. For a mecanical version i found this kind of thing that could be turned into a cleaning machine without too much work : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Ancienne-BARATTE-a-beurre-Annees-1950/283402672723?hash=item41fc1d9a53:g:vqUAAOSwvcFb-sLd:rk:1:pf:0 And for an electrical one i thought about some cheap kitchen ro
  3. Hi, i'm Pierre, i'm from France and i'm 26. I've joined this forum because i was a cameraman for 5 years and as i was starting to think about a change of profession, i stumbled upon the crazy world of watchmaking. I knew instantly that it was what i wanted to do. That happend some months ago and now i'm passing exams to join a school in France. But i don't want to wait to start learning ! I've already learnt many things, mainly thanks to the youtube channel, thank you for all those great videos by the way ! I also got myself a unitas 6497, the basic tools, and started disassembling and re
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