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  1. Macgman2000

    Seiko skx007 regulating question

    Hi, I stumbled across this post on the Seiko 7s26. I bought 2 watches new, the diver watch SKX version and 2 months later the dress watch case version with this movement. Both are incredibly disappointing. Terrible experience with this movement. Both exhibited double digit running fast or slow in different orientations. I got so frustrated trying to regulate these watches when I was first starting out in this hobby. In fact I thought I was doing something wrong and bought a time grapher to "do it right". The machine just reinforced how bad these movements are. I am glad I got the machine. My very next purchase was a 9015 movement and then 2824-2.....wow drastic difference, both regulated beautifully. I can't help but walk away with a notion that Seiko has somehow lost its way. Two different retailers, two different watch cases....same 7s26 movement. Both sitting in a drawer with no interest to revisit. Am alone in my experience? -Nick
  2. Macgman2000

    Best time keeping movements

    What about Stellita movements? I guess they are making versions of the ETA that are not under patent. I don't know if they will do any new designs of their own. It would be nice to have high beat stellita if they make any, as long as they don't go the way of the Swatch group.... -Nick
  3. Hello, What is the best time keeping automatic movement in ETA, or other? I guess the question should be what's the best attainable as a sold movement only. Not interested in Rolex or any of the expensive movements, those don't interest me. Nick
  4. Macgman2000

    ETA 2824-2

    Hello, I spent about 15min putting the pinion back in place on the spring lever (as demonstrated in Mark's video). What is the proper position of the stem in order to release it and not dislodge the pinion gear? -Nick
  5. Macgman2000

    Making a custom dial

    I will try it and once I get it fairly reproducible i'll document it. I will take a series of photo's and break it down in steps. I have used water slides before, I was just unsure of the thickness of the overall stack. I will give it a shot.
  6. Macgman2000

    Making a custom dial

    Did you have to grind down the dial disk to keep the overall thickness to spec? I don't have a disk yet, I am purchasing a flat disk from ebay that fits the watch case. Have to get something with 2824-2 feet soldered to it. Then comes the tear down.
  7. Macgman2000

    Making a custom dial

    Ah interesting....So is this a water transfer label on a painted dial?
  8. Macgman2000

    Making a custom dial

    Hello, I downloaded the data sheet for 2824-2 movement and can't find the height of the post. I am trying to figure out if I strip down a brass dial for a 2824-2, to mount a printed picture on the dial. If i print on photo paper, that is 0.27mm thick. Most dials are 0.5mm if I am not mistaken. I am not sure if 0.77mm is too thick or not to clear the hands. Would appreciate any info on this topic. -Nick
  9. Macgman2000

    Building a watch

    There's a thought. I do have access to a new 3D printer at work. It's carbon fiber filled ABS, I might try that. I am also going to machine the ring, I have a 3-n-1 machine in my workshop....didn't think I would use it on watches though LOL. Thanks all for your help!
  10. Macgman2000

    Building a watch

    I tried flipping the spacer so the stem notch is facing up. The problem is it will not fit all the way down on the movement. The ring actually stops on the movement just before the dial. So in other words, it puts the spacer ring higher up with no advantage or locking rail to secure the spacer to the case. In this configuration the screw back will not screw all the way down. I am so tempted to take a sanding cylinder on dremel and making it fit.....I just think there should be a more elegant solution to this, maybe not. I don't know if the case was misidentified by the seller, since he has no technical knowledge or info on how this assembles. Maybe it is for a different Miyota movement, i don't know. I built 2 other Swiss movements, one of which is a 2428-2 and I never encountered these issues.
  11. Macgman2000

    Building a watch

    I tried to message the ebay store for assembly instructions for this case and he said he didn't have any. Ebay listing i bought from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/41mm-Watch-Case-for-Miyota-9015-Movement-Parnis-Sapphire-Crystal-Wristwatch-Case/202195703720?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 The movement came with a thin white plastic band that goes around the thickness of the movement not on the ends. On the end, there is a metal notched flat thin ring spacer for the dial to calendar gap. The thicker spacer ring pics I posted were it, you can also see it in the ebay pics.
  12. Macgman2000

    Building a watch

    Thanks for the feedback. I tried it with and without the ring. If I don't put the ring in, moving the stem in and out wiggled the dial face, When the ring is in, it snugs up against the inner rim of the case back when screwed all the way down. A weird way of holding the internals in place. I like the hacking feature of 9015, the case is something to be desired. Unfortunately, not many cases to choose from like the 2428-2. Nick
  13. Macgman2000

    Building a watch

    I had a bit of trouble uploading the pics. I think I got it. PS....I did see and remove the thread/dust near the wheel, see if you can spot it ;).
  14. Macgman2000

    Building a watch

    Hello, I am building a watch using a Parnis 41mm PA6050/050 diver case. I bought a Miyota 9015 movement that fits this case. The case comes with a metal spacer ring for the 9015. The spacer ring has clamp recesses, those are visible looking down on the ring. In many other watches the ring spacer looks like it is underneath the stem (stem passes over the notch in the ring). On this the only way to get the spacer ring on is with the notch down hiding the stem. When I add the clamps they are floating, nothing to bite into. In fact they interfere with the screw back when I try to put it on. I am at a loss for how this goes together. I finally had enough and removed the clamps and just installed the screw back and it seems to be working well. The automatic weight spins unimpeded, movement looks firmly installed. I am worried about the ring notch for the stem rotating and putting friction on the stem. Does anyone have experience with 9015 and parnis cases? Thanks, Nick
  15. Macgman2000

    New to watches

    Thanks all for the warm welcome. LOL, I wish I had more time. I have 20 years left before retirement.... what I have managed to do is over the course of a few years. Plenty more waiting for me. The Philco I'm working on is a tube radio. It uses original RCA tubes still in it. I replaced the caps and tuned it up. It's very loud.