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  1. My fingers are crossed for you too! Getting that many watches at once must have been like Christmas. Hoping the seller finds some other cool watches for you.
  2. Thanks AndyHull. The company has a cool history. The founder makes specially hardened parts for German military aircraft. He's a watch guy, and applied his patented hardening process to watch cases and bracelets. Mine has a 2836-2 in it, inside of an iron faraday cage so it won't get magnetized. The bracelet is made from the same hardened steel, and instead of using pins, each link has two individual little torx bolts. One of my favorite things about the white dial on mine is the lume.
  3. Today it's my Damasko DA45, back fresh from a service. I have the brilliant Damasko bracelet for this watch, but lately I've been wearing it on a variety of NATO's. This one is a Blushark Orca NATO. This is my favorite tool watch. I'm not a diver, so the bezel rotating both ways is a convenient plus for me. The proprietary Damasko hardening process has proven itself to me. This watch has seen a lot of wrist time and the case still looks like new. It's been covered in fish gunk, in the water more than I can recount, banged around a bit, and shows no signs of use. I like that it's a ra
  4. Thank you JohnR725, I really appreciate the information. Before servicing the watch was at -12 crown down and -6 dial up. The amplitude was lower prior to service. It sounds like the watch, a Damasko DA45 is operating well within specs. I'm not at all obsessed with accuracy of my mechanical watches as long as they are consistent. This watch is my favorite tool watch and sees quite a bit of wrist time.
  5. I just received a watch with a ETA 2836-2 (Elabore) back from service. I wore it for a day, then gave it about 20 winds, and gave it a few card dealing type shakes. I took it off a few times throughout the course of the day and gave it a few similar shakes until I could no longer sense the rotor turning and assumed it was fully wound. I waited an hour and put it on my time graph. Here are the results: Dial Up: +4, Dial Down: +4, Crown Left: -5, Crown Right: -3, Crown Up: -5, Crown Down: -12 I believe the ETA spec for this movement is 20 seconds maximum positional v
  6. Wow! That is an incredibly cool find. The timing of finding it after you watched Mark's video seems to indicate you were just meant to find and own that watch. So cool.
  7. Fascinating HSL! That is a heck of a movement collection. Have you looked at a Sellita SW200 and compared it to the ETA? Isn't the 2824-2 basically an auto winding version of the 2801-2? I believe all 2824-2's also have the stop lever for hacking, where it was optional on most variants of 2801-2? Great pictures on your PDF's. I have an infinite amount of respect for those of you with the talent to do such a great job of sharing such excellent how to's.
  8. I just found it and watched it AP1875. It is brilliant indeed. Really great video, and he is so adept at keeping his hands and such out of the way so you can see what he is doing. I'm realistic enough to know it's like golf though. A master makes it look really easy, and it seems easy right up to the time that I try it myself. I'm looking forward to learning though.
  9. Thanks noirrac1j. I have honestly been drooling over some of the uber cool watches some members here have showed pics of. Some extremely unique pieces, and I know many have been resurrected by their owners, which makes them even more special. I'm a big strap guy. NATO's, various straps, they can change the character of a watch quite a bit. I like my Seamaster, but it's much less unique than many of the watches pictured in this thread.
  10. Not nearly as cool as many of the watches posted here, but today I'm wearing an Omega SMPc that is currently on a black with red Hirsch Robby. I like the way the red stitching matches the small amount of red on the sweep hand, but I'm probably odd. My most worn daily is a Damasko DA45, which is more unusual. Waiting to get it back from a service.
  11. Thanks AP1875. I haven't seen his video on the 2824. I will have to look for it. I believe the 2824-2 is basically a 2801-2 with the auto winding rotor assembly? I have watched and enjoyed, and learned from some of Mark's excellent video's. He seems to give an awful lot, and I have to admit that I feel somewhat of an obligation to take his courses. He does a very nice job with the video's.
  12. Reading this thread has me really wanting a stereo microscope. I'm just a watch hobbyist, but I also do quite a bit of work on smallish firearm assemblies. I've been looking at scopes like some of the 10-20x ones on Ebay for over a year now. There is one that gives an 8" working area, which seems like it would be adequate. Some times, even when using a loop I will bump my screwdriver hand with the loop. A little separation seems like it would be a nice thing. From this thread, it sounds like the 10x power is the most utilized?
  13. Thank you oldhippy. I have the Sellita SW210-1 info as that is what I originally planned to buy, but I don't have the actual ETA info. I will print it and hang on to it. Unfortunately, my current skills don't allow me to consider working on a 2801-2. I need a course or education of some type. I have really enjoyed Mark's video's. Is his course here, at least the first two levels, enough to help an average person get comfortable with working on a 2801-2?
  14. I've been wanting to branch out a bit in my watch hobby. I've mostly been modding Seiko's, which I'm now finding a bit limiting. I've regulated some other movements, including ETA's, but never really delved into them much. I just purchased two NOS ETA 2801-2's. I've always had a thing for hand wound watches anyway. The movements don't have the power stop/hacking lever, so I will order a couple of those. I'll eventually case the movements. I would like to learn to disassemble and lube a 2801-2. Any recommendations on how to best accomplish that would be genuinely appreciated
  15. Hello Everyone. I've been tinkering with modding Seiko's for several years now. I haven't done any repairs other than demagnetizing. I've swapped dials, hands, crystals, etc. I've swapped a NH38 into a 7S26 diver. I have some okay tools, and I enjoy the patience required to do even the very basic things I have done. My most worn watches are actually an Omega SMPc with the 2500d and a Damasko DA45 with a 2836-2 with Damasko mods. Because of cost and lack of experience I don't do anything with those two watches. I have a time grapher and have regulated a few ETA movements. I'm sta
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