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  1. Great! Thank you. I have one of the cheap blue ones with red light. It does fine for parts, watches and small things, is there a way to make it work on a pair of pliers?
  2. Hi All! Is there any concern for pliers that have some degree of magnetism. We obviously use anti-magnetic tweezers and de-mag all movements and parts, I can't find any discussion on the subject, let alone "anti-magnetic" pliers. What is the word on the street on this subject. Thanks Gene
  3. Mark, great to be part of your little world. I'm not a social media guy but I do follow you! Have been doodling with one of my passions, watches since I was in high school and have never looked back. You are doing a great service to the trade and as you said at Christmas time, I think (hope) the bug is catching on again. I've been making teeth all of my life and the best skills are being lost. You are keeping the fire alive. I look forward to being closer to the group. Upwards and onward. Gene (denturegeek)
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