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  1. Hi, Please can I ask, Does anybody know of any watch case suppliers? I am based in UK. Thanks
  2. Hi everybody, My name is Douglas. I'm a Luthier based in UK. I'm new to watch repairing so please be gentle with me. :-) Thanks to Mark and his youtube videos I have been able to i've been able to regulate my own mechanical watch ( Seiko 6r15 in the SARB017 Alpinist ). When i received the watch it was losing about 3 minutes per week, approximately 30 seconds per day. So after about 5 attempts of moving the regulating arm, I've now managed to bring to watch where it is losing/gaining 2 seconds per day. I'm so pleased with the result. I don't have a timegrapher at the moment so i'm doing it old school. I currently have several watch projects on the go; A nice Rotary with the ETA 955.412 which needs a new glass and a new dial foot, A nice old pocket watch made by 'Russels Ltd Liverpool', I know little about it as information is scarce on this company. Another one is a Gerard Perragoux i think the movement is 482 or 55BE, both are stamped on the movement, a tiny old piece which needs a new mainspring. This is where i need help! I can't find the correct GR code. The dimensions are 1.5 .8 260 7.5 The nearest I can find is GR4077 but the one I need is the TR with the hole in it. Any help or advice would be most welcome! Kindest regards Douglas
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