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    saswatch88 got a reaction from PeterS in Checking end and side shakes   
    check each as old hippy said but end shakes on a 3rd wheel allow a lot more play than lets say a balance or escape. you can get away with too much end shake and not loose much amplitude, too little will def not work though and will def result in a very low amp and or stop the movement. train wheels being loose is always better than too tight in my opinion
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from berniethebolt in waltham hands   
    sorry to tell you but you cant buy these hands from suppliers. Ebay is the way to go but try searching based on movement size instead of hole size you will get more results. plus shipping should not be too much since most sellers participate in the global shipping program which allows you to ship an item to any country outside the US for the same cost as within. The items gets shipped to an exchange center in Kentucky where they ship the item to the destination country, its great because the exchange gives you a separate tracking number once it leaves their warehouse, and the shipping time is pretty much the same. I however may have some hands, i can list them on ebay for only the postage charge and this way ill ship using the GSP, which probably be like $7. what is the size of the movement? If i dont have them i can send a link to some ebay listings
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from Moose in Watch Cleaning (Hobbyist level).   
    1. NO. You need to brush all the spokes and leaves of the train wheels. Peg the jewel holes not just rub them if thats what you are doing. Use rodico after the ultrasonic to sop up any residue.
    2 + 3. Yes way better results using LR or Zenith ultrasonic cleaning products, No residue ( rinse is needed), makes the movement shine like new. It can be filtered and reused. It will cost a $100 total for a gallon of the cleaner and rinse and will last you at least a year depending on how often you service movements. Esp since they come in bottles that wont let the solution go bad. if you dont want to spend the money start using Ronsonol Lighter fluid. but use rodico on everything after the cleaning.
    Your Machine is fine, i know a lot of pros that do everything manually by hand. the old fashioned way with no cleaning machines.
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from Chopin in Help needed with sweep seconds   
    YEA I adjusted mine and now its good
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from Tmuir in Help needed with sweep seconds   
    the 532 was limited production for the military, only a few thousand pieces made, and they were only made for the marines with the white dial. If you google search USMC elgin 532 you will see it. I have seen black dial versions but I believe they were for civilian use. The watch was quickly replaced with the 539 since the 532 was a non hacking movement. The 539/ and other A-11 movements started the whole military hacking movement wave. It has since been the standard for any military watch.
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    saswatch88 reacted to Marc in Help needed with sweep seconds   
    I've not worked on one of these but a quick Google and the found pics show it as an indirect centre seconds movement. These almost always have a tension spring of some kind that acts on the seconds pinion to prevent the jittery motion of the seconds hand.

    In the above you can see circled in red a screw that passes through the centre seconds cock and appears to bear on a flat spring. My guess is that that is the tension spring and the tension is adjusted with the screw.
    try turning the screw to increase the tension on the centre seconds pinion until the jittering just stops. You may need to lubricate the contact between the spring and the pinion if you haven't already done so. The tension needs to be just enough to smooth out the motion of the hand whilst keeping loss of amplitude to a minimum (there will be some loss, it's unavoidable).
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from VWatchie in Low amplitude questions   
    flipping the jewel will stop the watch if the balance pivots are healthy since it will add to the height and close up the end shakes. Pressing firmly should stop the BW so another sign of healthy end shake. I think you can chock this up to a piece of debris that could have came from anywhere, the air, your oiler, your hand, or it just may have survived the cleaning process. I call these "watch gremlins." They sneak their way in usually by trojan horse(i.e oiler) and wreak havoc without being seen or heard.
    practices to avoid this:
    -keep all watch parts in a container with a lid when assembling and disassembling.
    -wear gloves or cocks. nitrile is best, resistant to static.
    -always stab your your tweezers, driver, oilers, pretty much anything you stick into a movement in pith wood. (i.e oil a pivot, stab pith wood, oil next pivot, stab pith wood) you must clean the oiler between each oiling. as you are moving that oiler through the air, it can pick up the tiniest bit of dust that is floating in the air.
    -work on watches in a still air environment, no fans, ac, air ducts, in front of windows, any place where there is air flow. I always find that my basement is best, very still air.
    - when oiling use very high magnification, 10-15x to see any particle that may have attached itself to the oil
    -always dip your oiler on the edge of the oil pool, dust will collect in the middle, and when your not using the oil cup keep it closed.
    - constantly take movement and blow with compressed air while your working esp, before oiling, a piece of dust can make its way into movement by just simply sitting on your bench for 10 seconds without cover. do this again when movement is fully assembled.
    none of these are guaranteed solution but will definitely lower the risk of contamination 
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from adiorio110 in HELP!!! Screwed up my 2892-A2   
    ok this may be a stupid question but, did you clean the movement before reassembling? if so how? the amplitude is on the lower end but still acceptable, i think you need to make adjustments to the etachron system since its your rates that are all over the place which means problem most likely lies in the high speed low torque area aka escapement and or balance assembly. The tools can be purchased from ofrei.com or esslinger.com. these tools are made specifically for the etachron studs and pins. there is many info on how to do this on this forum and youtube. i do nbot recommend chinese replacement they are not made with anykind of quality, yhou can actually see debris within the jewels from the factory! i would get a new eta if you can figure it out
    etachron tools http://www.tztoolshop.com/page212.html
    here is a good video 
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from vinn3 in Best way of attack ?   
    acetone and alcohol should also be avoided when cleaning pallet and roller jewels.
    use naphtha (ronsonol lighter fluid) cheap and you dont have to syphon any out of your car lol
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from Johnnie in Best way of attack ?   
    acetone and alcohol should also be avoided when cleaning pallet and roller jewels.
    use naphtha (ronsonol lighter fluid) cheap and you dont have to syphon any out of your car lol
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from vinn3 in Help determining what movement/dial I can fit into a case I have?   
    that is true, now, since there has been an economic trade war between the two since the late 80s but has recently been ramped up, but not before and sometimes in between when agreements are made.
    lamborghini at one time were assembled in france but not since audi owned them and they are now made in italy, since germans outsource vehicles to italy such as porsche. bugattis are assembled in france as well. armani exchange has clothing made in france. higher end brands like Gucci YES are made in italy, but most of lower end brands as you know outsource same as america, it cost less
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from vinn3 in Help determining what movement/dial I can fit into a case I have?   
    ok the alviero martini (italian fashion designer) watch is basically a fashion watch, which means that movement could very well be a technotime which is french, and italians notoriously do outsource to france for many things from clothing to cars. most fashion watches arent always made using swiss movements, the one ive seen use chinese movements.
    first things first:
    -measure the diameter of the movement (Use ligne size - take the mm and convert to ligne on google mm-ligne converter)
    -measure height of the movement from top of the center pinion where minute hand attaches (use mm)
    -measure stem height from bottom side of movement (dial side) to the middle of the hole where stem goes (use mm)
    then go to esllinger.com and get a Harley Rhonda quartz movement that fits the measurements you just took. they are fairly cheap from $8-$25. also you will have to measure stem length and cut accordingly so crown will lay flush to side of case when seated (do not use the old stem as a reference outside the case) you can install the old stem into the old movement and the measure the length that it sticks out, then cut the new stem at the same length when its installed in the new movement (dont do this until you find the correct crown) because you may possibly need a new crown to fit the case and thread onto the rhonda stem. measuring a crown with a caliper can be difficult because its hard to measure the tube height and diameter. you can get an assortment of crowns from esslinger as well. the old crown may fit the threads so try that first. as far as dials go for the rhonda there are many to choose from.
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    saswatch88 reacted to clockboy in Nano Oil.   
    The subject of lubrication has been covered on many, many occasions on this forum. I prefer Moebius oils because they are a tried and tested lubricant. They are not cheap but a 20ml bottle will lubricate a lot of watches.
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from jdm in Help identifying vintage Rolex movement(1910~1920)   
    NO the case numbers unfortunately are not linked in anyway to the movement or the Camerer company. That is a stock number for dennison and serial number is for the movement. Its really difficult to say because at the time rolex was a brand not a company. Rolex didnt make anything. Watch retailer such as Camerer and W&D would source watch parts, cases and movements from various ebauches makers which is why its so hard to date them, not to mention the aftermarket additions of the rolex name making it even worse.
    I did find some info that Camerer did retail pocket watches using the Aegler "reddberg" movement but its not verified info. And I cant find any signed as Reddberg. I only see the one like you pictured signed Camerer. The rolex Brand was owned by Aegler and trademarked by him, so if camerer did use movements supplied by Aegler, which again was a swiss based manufacturer should not have the rolex logo if produced pre-1926. 
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from jdm in Low amplitude questions   
    polishing pivots will definitely help but i dont think your gunna see 50 degree increase in amplitude since all pivots and jewels have been clean and oiled. i dont really like the wood with rouge or oil method, i use a sapphire burnisher with some clock oil. but if you dont have $100 to spend on a burnisher use popsicle stick with clock oil.
    do this:
    with watch running gently press on the top balance endstone with pegwood. keyword "gently." does it stop the balance when you do this? YES? too little end shake. if it does not stop then press harder (not too hard) on the end stone does the balance stop: NO? then you have too much end shake.
    also check the shock spring. sometimes i have seen these things way too flat with no "spring" in them cause upper jewel to sit loose in the cock causing fluctuations in different timing positions. when the spring is removed it should slightly pop just like anytime you remove tension from a spring. but not fly off just sorta "pop."
    another thing to look at is tightening balance cock screw i had a few movements that werent running right and i added a little more torque to the balance screw and bam was running perfect. if that screw is not properly torqued the top and bottom jewel holes may not be exactly perpendicular and/or giving too much end shake. in some cases slightly removing a tiny bit of torque can solve too little end shake, but in more extreme cases shims will be needed since the balance screw should never be too loose or have too little torque.
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    saswatch88 reacted to east3rn in Help identifying vintage Rolex movement(1910~1920)   
    Wow. Thank you for great information.. I guess there are a lot that I am not aware of in the world of watches...It is a pity that this is not a genuine Rolex.. 
    But I really thank your generosity for sharing your knowledge.
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from jdrichard in Third wheel pinion removal   
    wow nice job! see iam lazy i would have just replaced the wheel, plus i dont have a lathe so that too
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    saswatch88 reacted to Nucejoe in Jarod   
    Presumably both the watch owner and repairman reside in europe, perhaps in Great Britton, so I safely conclude the repairman is licenced and knows in and outs of in beat .  On the other hand No human being can guarantee a tiny hair didn,t get inside as he screws the back on.
    No one is perfect , yet  limited outlook on a given subjects at an instance. If you were to list all possibilties,fault,issues, you wouldn,t leave any room for me to respond. 
    Thanks to the likes of JJ thompson, Hertz, bose and the rest of great man who showed electrons have spin , EM field exist, and crystals have electrical properties , to give birth to electronics so we can share  ideas across the globe and learn, developements, improvements for mankinds betterment stemming from it, are yet to be seen.
    Aren,t we all learning? 
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    saswatch88 reacted to Nucejoe in Jarod   
    Caliber please,   Tudor makes eta movements some beat 28800 bph others higher, this to know and have a baseline to compare readings with.  Also the power level at which these TG readings were produced. Was the piece fully wound?  half full? One hunderdth?  At very low power levels such imperfections are not unexpected  especially if the piece is old. 
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    saswatch88 reacted to Nucejoe in Watch running fast   
    I like your approach for being more suitable especially when the movement is assembled mounted on move- holder and to the TG.    Regards
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from Nucejoe in Watch running fast   
    yea good idea nuce! force power through the mainspring. best way to do this i would think is fully wind it then push on the ratchet wheel with pegwood and hold it, dont let it seat back into the click. see if amp goes up and then see if it drops when you let it go and ratchet sits back into the click.
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    saswatch88 reacted to Nucejoe in Watch running fast   
    Needless to say, the slight amout of power to add is what we feel the power source fails to supply. Strongly pushed the escape will lock.
    I agree with saswatch on both counts, friction and slightly out of beat. 
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from Nucejoe in Watch running fast   
    you have friction somewhere, most likely due to dirt and/or dry pivots/mainspring. this watch needs a full service. new mainspring, cleaning and proper oiling. the watch is still slightly out of beat a little more work and it will be good to go
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    saswatch88 got a reaction from espenbd in Watch running fast   
    you have friction somewhere, most likely due to dirt and/or dry pivots/mainspring. this watch needs a full service. new mainspring, cleaning and proper oiling. the watch is still slightly out of beat a little more work and it will be good to go
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    saswatch88 reacted to vinn3 in Jewel sizes question.   
    the 19th century watchmakers bench was designed stop "pingers".  used by students and gernymen,   a small bench with 3 sides in glass.  vin
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