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  1. i have to say its good advice but i wish i could see a video of what you are talking about
  2. no the pivots are fine. i threw it on a jacot and its was straight and nicely rounded at the top/
  3. ok update! after all this it was end shakes after all, i slightly lifted the balance cock and now it runs like a champ. i swear end shakes can be a funny thing to observe even with magnification esp when your talking about such tiny measurements, sometimes it looks fine but its not. usually i check this by added pressure on top of the balance jewel to see if it stops with slight pressure or doesnt with heavy pressure. in this case it did not stop right away with pressure so i assumed end shakes were good.
  4. ok update! i took out pallet and the escape wheel, the balance is acting the same, it does not swing free and it looks as if it banks to the left just like when pallet is installed, it seems like the safety roller is rubbing against the main plate, because if i turn it with finger it get to a point where the balance just vibrates and doesnt swing. pivots are straight and shakes are perfect so i dont know hoe to go about this, new staff is not an option here...cant push up jewel because then shakes will be too little, any ideas
  5. yes iam thinking thats what it is, iam gunna mess with it tomorrow and i will update you all.
  6. safety pin looks good, balance swings perfect without pallet installed. I just pushed the right banking pin out a bit further and it manages to tick but you can tell the balance is not making a full spin and the pallet just banks to the left and stops. i can see and hear that the pallet is still not hitting the right banking pin, pushing the pin in does not allow the escape to lock on the right pallet jewel, so iam gunna try moving the roller a bit looks like it may be off center. i know this movement will run great if i can just get this adjustment right
  7. i have a vintage trench watch movements, i cleaned an oiled the movement reassembled it. the hair spring and balance are perfect with good shakes when installed. but for some reason i can only get it to tick for a few seconds then it stops, then if i try to get it to spin with an air puffer it banks to the left then stops. i played with the banking pins a bit and did not get any good results. the lock on the pallet jewels look fine too. mainspring is new and the fork banks left to right perfect when balance is not installed. its not over banking since the roller jewel is not slipping from the fork, its under banking. the left banking pin was already bent to the outside. pushing the pins in did not allow escapement lock. so Iam thinking the right banking pin needs to be spread out. because when balance started to move it looks as if the pallet is not banking off the right pin, then it just rests on the right every time it stops. only other thing i can think off is adjust the roller. any ideas or suggestions?
  8. sorry i meant setting lever pin, not clutch lever.
  9. hello WRT, I have a vintage ww1 trench watch. It is a doctor/nurse watch with center seconds. These types were very rare during this period and i believe only two manufacturers produced the movements. I believe the one i have is a Gallet have no clue the caliber since i cant find any info on these movements. the watch did not come with a stem and crown. I have 4 different stems that fit into the watch perfectly both in size and length. but none of the slots for the setting lever pin line up therefore stem can always be pulled out and wont set the time. not sure what the square part of the stem is actuall called but it seems like its too long and the end closest to the crown which has the lip that seats against the winding pinion is too far out. These stems came from other trench watches of the same ligne size but not the same movement. I have tons of bestfit swiss stem assortments and they are all the same with the square winding part being too long for the setting lever pin. The chances of me finding a parts movement are slim to none so does anyone have suggestions on how to fit a new one. i tried machines some of them but it just doesnt work. i dont have a lathe.
  10. yes that is usually what i do i disassemble clean, inspect, oil, then reassemble and it works fine, just wondered why that happens but now it makes sense. thanks
  11. i studied this quite extensively since i use to have cancer and received radiation treatments, and i work on vintage military watches which always contain radium. Radium can not be absorbed through the skin so touching is not much of a risk as long as you are not licking your fingers or picking your nose after handling a radium dial. but there are two ways to absorb radiation from lume. 1: Ingestion- through this process 80% flushes out from digestion. 20% gets absorbed into the blood and is distributed to organs and eventually will metabolize in the bones like calcium. It will then break down over a period of months in the form of both alpha and beta. 2: Inhalation- 100% absorbed through the lungs then 20% broken down through liver. 80% will metabolize in bone. it will still break down the same way but will take longer because more has been absorbed. so contrary to popular belief radium will not stay in the body forever, therefor limiting how much and how often you are exposed to it will determine if you are at risk. the story of the radium girls. these women who would sharpen their paint brushes laced with radium with their lips to keep the tips sharp for luming watch dials ingest a whole lot of hot radium per day. at least 100-200 dials per day, then they started realizing that it would glow so they thought it would be cool to use it as make up. and not all of these women ended up with cancer. so short answer is a definite NO! do not worry. just use gloves and a mask if you feel like you want to be careful. and DONT lick the dial LOL
  12. OK i have encountered this problem a lot esp in older movements. Sometime it seems like the mainspring is wound tight and/or the mainspring wont turn anymore and the watch does not run. but when i turn the the crown and hold pressure so the ratchet wheel doesnt rest back into the click the watch runs, but when i let go and the click seats back into ratchet wheel the watch stops. its almost as if there is reverse pressure on the train making it stop when the ratchet is rested and by turning it it releases the pressure and allows the train to run. normally i just unwind the spring and then rewind it and watch starts to tick and from there i will just disassemble the movement service the mainspring and barrel, but i would like to know why this happens it is my understanding that mainsprings are designed to slip.
  13. i know some timex watches can be serviced. i know this because i have serviced them.
  14. Hello i watches the video on here about how to replace jewels. I guess i need to get a set of jewel opener and closers but i have a K&D staking set which has the reamer holder and the pushers. but it does not have the jeweling attachment. I have 2 questions 1. do i need to get the jeweling attachment or can i just push them in by hand, i noticed they do have handheld jewel pushers. or can i get a seitz jeweling base but will it work with the K&D reamers? 2. Where can i buy jewels? i usually work on very old watches from 1910-150 i was going to get a vintage assortment but i learned that those assortments never have what i need since most of them are for 10L size or less. I work on trench watches which are usually 11.5L-13L. 3. what is the difference between reamers and pushers? and how do i tell the difference between them?
  15. i like the 62mas reissue also the marine master reissue as well
  16. seiko fan i take it. i just need a 6138 panda and a 62mas to complete it
  17. i have a working movement for this watch
  18. resetting the stone requires you to use a bluing pan. a small metal pan which is put under a flame ( a candle or alcohol lamp) and heat just enough to soften the shellac then you must remove it quickly from the flame. reset the stones in the pan and once stones are reset you have to let it cool off slowly. this can be a pain esp knowing when shellac is soft so usually i take a tiny piece of shellac and place it in the pan as a reference to know when it is ready.
  19. just make sure date ring is rated for whatever position you are using for example (date at 3) or you have to get a new date jumper
  20. no sign of pig years. i bent the balance cock a bit and i got it running but may have done it a wee bit too much for now it stops occasionally. i may have to adjust it a bit higher with a shim. at least now i dont have to remove the balance wheel again, because main that is the one thing i hate doing
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