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  1. MrRoundel, the 12 o clock and 6 o clock positions have quite noticeable flats. I think it's in the FT category, tonnenform or barrel shaped. I imagine a side-on view of a wooden barrel - flat at the top on bottom and curved to a greater or lesser extent on the sides.
  2. Sorry to take a while to respond and thank you, Nucejoe. I've been single parenting a very active 11-month old ( a future apprentice, perhaps?) for a few days, but back to normal now. I appreciate the link to the cousins catalogue from WatchMaker. Unfortunately, I don't see what I need there. I'm looking for a flange diameter of 229, 195 across the flats and something like 204 diameter across the circular part. Unfortunately as I say, I don't see anything like that on the Cousins page. How wonderful it would be to have found it, and worth doing the tedious process of importing into S
  3. Thanks for the link - I will check it out. How's things in Texas?...one of my favourite states though far from here in South Africa. I've always enjoyed visiting there.....everyone is so polite! Maybe because almost everyone is packing....;-) Stay warm!
  4. Thanks Watchmaker, I saw somewhere that this would be a barrell shape, IIRC. Thanks for the explanation. No optical illusion - just a very bad image. Here's a better one......
  5. Thanks KOwatch - i have seen the Sternkreuz name before, I didn't know they had a catalogue available. I couldn't find it in the GS catalogue but there's also no harm in spending a while having another look before putting all that time into making something.
  6. Hello to everyone The unimaginable has happened. I have a ladies Dugena automatic on the bench, from what I can make out a model 3343 with the ETA 2651 movement with date complication. The original acrylic crystal was cracked and had allowed moisture onto the dial. I began looking for a replacement. No joy from local suppliers. I began contacting local watchmakers, some of whom have been around a long time. One seemed confident, and asked for a sample. Foolishly, I sent him the original cracked piece as a sample, and he promptly sent me a replacement...which was the in
  7. That's a very good point in the first paragraph - I hadn't looked at it that way. Very good point, indeed. And the second - I will definitely do that next time. I have to order some other bits and pieces soon and will do it that way.
  8. OK. I also thought they had a good reputation but they don't rate highly on Trustpilot.. uk.trustpilot.com Average 2.4 from 5 on 130 reviews.....26% say Excellent, 63% say Bad....customer contact seems to be the issue. I had a question that I really needed to connect with someone about and all I got was a bot response pointing me to the FAQ which I had already looked through and still needed to connect with someone. Sent an email and got a bot response and queried through their chat/query facility on their webpage and got a bot. The question was simple
  9. Hi all I have been wondering what the solution is to correct or minimise the variations in rate in the different testing positions? How much is an acceptable variation between say dial down and dial up, pendant up or down etc? How does one attempt to correct such a variation and what is a great variation, or any variation, a symptom of? Also, I rebuit an ASST 1950/1961 movement in a cheaply purchased non-runner practice movement. I have reasons to believe it had been fiddled with before I opened it. I definitely replaced the balance pivot jewel and endstone assemblies the same as I f
  10. After some complications in sourcing and ordering (CousinsUK doesn't get great reviews so I tried a few German vendors but there were stock issues, so in the end, after issues with banking and card verifications etc etc and zero human response from CousinsUK), the lubricants arrived this morning.....Happy Day!
  11. Thanks for this info. Much appreciated. I have ordered a total of 7 products as recommended by Mark in his post further up this forum. It's Christmas after all!
  12. Watch oils and greases are not available where I live. Lot's of them on vendors websites, but nothing actually on the shelf to despatch. So, my wife is making a short trip to EU in a few days and I thought I'd have her bring some back for me. However.....the budget....is tight....because very weak currency from banana republic.... So, if you were going to be limited to maybe four or five oils and greases - what should they be? I will be using them for watches - manual and automatic, the odd pocket watch, and clocks up to say Mantel size. I have some pretty old 8000 and 9020, bu
  13. I may have done this introduction thing on here before, about a year ago - I can't remember. Anyway, howzit to everyone. I'm a marine engineer and diesel mechanic and I've been accumulating watch and clock tools and knowledge for about a year or so, maybe a bit longer. I was lucky to buy a whole lot of tools and spares from a deceased estate, then built a parts cleaning machine, prepared a decent worktable and workshop space etc etc. I've just completed my first watch job - strip, clean, lube and reassemble an old Roamer Popular from the 1960's. It has an MST400 movement, runs ok (
  14. Hello everyone This has been the most intriguing rabbit hole that began with my cheapo Casio stopping and has now come as far as this point. I have found watch repair videos on YouTube to have been an amazing non-waste of hours and hours, and very therapeutic and absorbing. I am a Marine Engineer with a small business carrying out mandatory inspections and certifications of lifeboats and launching equipment off the coast of West Africa, as well as a radio amateur and diesel mechanic, so the more technical aspects of watchmaking activities really interest me. It's like wh
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