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  1. Hi guys and girls, I'm new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Simon, from San Jose CA (originally from the UK) and I'm a complete beginner. Last year I decided it would be interesting to see if I could learn to dismantle, clean and reassemble a watch movement. Since then I have spent countless hours reading forums, websites and watching youtube videos to try and pick up the basics. I decided a Seiko automatic movement was a good starting point as they appear to be pretty well documented, have a good knowledge base and have a reasonable availability of parts. I ended up picking up a cheap, semi-functioning Seiko 5 on eBay as my first practice watch. (semi-functioning in that the watch runs but the minute hand doesn't move). It turns out it's a 5126A movement, which actually doesn't seem very well documented, but the 5106 tech manual and oiling instructions (which I found through this forum) look enough to get me through. Anyway, it's all stripped down and sorted into parts trays and I didn't break or lose anything, so that's a good start! Next up is cleaning, then the difficult part of putting it all back together! I'm sure I'll have questions and newbie tales of breaking things though inexperience and stupidity, but that all part of learning, right? Cheers, Simon.
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