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  1. After I watched a couple of Mark Lovicks videos on making a watch with parts sourced on eBay I figured I'd give it a try. I made two. This is my favorite. It's a divers watch with an eta 2824-2 movement. I'm quite proud of it. I picked up an H link shark mesh bracelet. I'm calling it the deep blue desk diver. Lol
  2. Ok. So here goes. After watching Mark's videos and specifically the two where he makes a watch from sourced parts, I decided to make a watch for myself that would not only be a great conversation piece and look good but be made EXACTLY as I like and want and keep good time as well. So I have the parts all ordered up and some are already in. One thing I want to do is to change the date ring from white to black. I ordered one on ebay. However I am not too sure if it will work on the ETA movement as it is aftermarket. So there is question number one. Will that one work or am I going to have to rummage around looking for an ETA made date ring in black? My second question is, how hard is it to change that in the first place? I haven't seen a video showing that specifically on that movement. I am by no means afraid of doing it. I take safe dials apart for my job as a locksmith and safe technician all the time so mechanical things scare me not. But I would like some pointers and things to look out for while doing it so I don't screw up the movement. Obviously when I am done with this project I will post all my pics. I know you guys like stuff like this. Its why we are here. Thank you .
  3. I am going to work on my great grandfather's watch. A watchmaker in the area told me It wasn't worth the money to put into it to get the main spring replaced and the watch cleaned. I decided to just do it myself. I would feel. More comfortable if I had some sort of manual or pdf tech sheet or something on this watch. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. i most certainly will. I watched Marks video on making a watch from parts sourced on ebay. I figured that would be perfect as I could actually make something I want the way I want it to look. Yes. a good chunk of the parts are made in china. I will get the bracelet at Esslinger. Who knows where that's made. But I like it. My friend's mother used to be a jeweler in Chicago. He still has her sources for watch parts and such so I am going to source an ETA movement through him. Or I may just get a Sellita SW200 movement. Both are swiss. That's what I want. But I also want a black date ring. Not a white one. So I need to figure out how to change that. I am not affraid to do so. Just need to know whats involved. I figure by spring it will be done. I will post an image here. It looks like a fun project for something I will have quite a long time.
  5. Greetings all. I live in the northwest burbs of Chicago. I work as a locksmith and have done so for the past 20 years. My grandfather and great grandfather were tool and die makers and instilled in me the respect of fine mechanical parts. Also, locksmiths are known to have a love of fine time pieces as well. Recently I discovered Marks youtube channel and pretty much watched every single one at least 3 times. Fascinating. I am currently working on making my own automatic 2824 movement diver style watch. Since I don't dive I figure it would make the most sense. lol. Seriously. I find this stuff amazing and using what I have learned about watchmaking in all the videos I have seen, I managed to repair 3 watches in my arsenal that I never thought I would be wearing again. So Now I am here on this site and may have some questions down the line when I actually start putting the watch together. Again, hello from the USA. I am glad to be here.
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