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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll go with an epoxy solution instead of solder - just to be safe. Cheers -geoff
  2. Hi, I'm repairing an antique pocket watch made by a craftsman in a small town in North-West Denmark. The face is a typical enamelled metal face, and it used to have two posts that were used to secure it to the movement. One of those posts is gone - separated at what appears to have been a solder joint. I'm now debating how to attach a new post to the back of the face. I can turn one from brass - but is there a danger that a soldering iron will melt the enamel on the front of the dial? Thanks -geoff
  3. Hi, I'm quite new to the field of watch repair. My day job is primarily involved in loudspeaker development - and I typically enjoy hobbies that have nothing to do with my work, or the tools that I use at work... Cheers -geoff
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