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  1. i shall obtain one tomorrow and post. Thanks for the interest
  2. Does anybody have experience of the Luch 2209 calibre. Its a beautiful thin watch, bought it on Ebay for a few quid but it ha an uneven tick and stops regularly. Any ideas suggestions offers of help greatly appreciated. I love Russian watches. Recently replaced a click spring on a Slava/Sekonda 2414 and it keeps great time now.
  3. Many thanks, now the fog is clearing, could not find the original movement ref on any site, may just replace the movement. David
  4. The movement is 556.031 it has no date function or second hand. Will post pics later
  5. Thanks, it has no second hand and I followed your advice, sadly I CAN see daylight between the minute and hour hand when placed at 12 noon, so sadly this easy fix seems unlikely. The movement is an 556.031 im told ETA do an equivalent.
  6. My partner obtained a quartz Raymond Weil 9514.50for me to repair, granted its a quartz ugh!!! but it loses 20 mins a night, but maintains time during the day when worn, have changed the battery but this has not changed the situation, any ideas? can you obtain a new movement reasonably cheaply?? Cousinsuk do not even list the manufacturer. Comments welcome
  7. Its identified as a Slava 2414, parts on order from Cousins. Many thanks
  8. Here is an image of the movement, can anybody identify the movement?
  9. I can't find any reference numbers on the movement, it looks similar to a Z2009B but as a complete novice to watch repair i'm a bit stumped. The old spring had rusted and snapped so I'm not sure what the original actually looks like. It seems to originally had 2 x 90 deg bends at either end which are a) captured by a locating hole on the chassis,bridge of the watch and b)the other end is caught by the rotating click plate? I could really use a glossary of terms so I can describe the problem better. Either way it won't wind or hold the energy of the main spring. Its not an expensive watch, it just has sentimental value.
  10. New Member question: Can anybody help me to find a click spring for this watch? Kind regards David Chadwick
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