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  1. Hi Alan, I've just got a few questions: -Are you replacing it as the cell is no longer holding a charge? Have you tried pulling the crown out to time-keeping and then placing it under a light source for 12+ hours? Are you replacing it with the correct solar cell? The feature of the movement means that you need to replace like-for-like with the cell. If you intend to fit a non-rechargeable battery you could end up doing unintentional damage to the overall workings of the watch (I have seen this before with Eco-Drives that have come into our repair store) In r
  2. Hi Everyone! Just wanting to know if you have any favorite tool brands are? Do you have any particular tools your really enjoy using? I am an apprentice watchmaker and have slowly been building up my tool collection at work. Currently I have a mix of Bergeon, AF Swiss and Horotec tools I have personally purchased. I was just wondering if there are any other brands you'd recommend, tools or anything like that =) Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone! I am a 27 year old Watchmaking Apprentice located in New Zealand. I have worked in this industry for over 6 years (Managed a watch repair company and did basic repairs) but managed to finally get an apprenticeship to follow my dream of becoming a fully qualified Watchmaker late last year =) I am very excited to be apart of this community and am looking forward to getting to talk with like-minded people!
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