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  1. Hi I am on the look out for a new crown (with the old tissot logo) and correct hands for my old vintage Tissot with caliber 269-2. Anyone who can help with what hands and crown that are correct? Picture of the dial and movement below. Many thanks!
  2. Ahh i see. Could very well be the case then. You learn something new every day will look more carefully in the future. Thanks!
  3. It’s plastic, the scratches comes from that I had started the process to polish it. Agree that sometimes a new crystal is to prefer but quite often one can polish up the old one. But what could be the reason for them to crack like this did? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I’m new to amateur watch repair and refurbish and am very glad to have found this forum! Recently I have had issues with watch crystals cracking when I polish them. I remove the crystal from the case and start polishing with wet sanding sheet (grit 1000 & grit 3000) and water (with a dash of washing liquid). The polish have resulted in a cracked glass in my two last attempts. I guess some kind of tension have been built up but how? And more important, how can I avoid it? Thanks a lot!
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