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  1. Hello, Is the cal 3000 winding assembly the same as cal 3130/3135 winding assembly? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the reply guys!!! [emoji4][emoji4]
  3. Here’s a video of how it’s acting What do you guys think is wrong?
  4. If I take out the auto work, can I put it back the same way? Or different process?
  5. Hey Guys, I have a ND Sub with cal 3000, it was serviced 4 yrs ago, and i sparingly use it. It suddenly just stopped 2 days ago. I opened it up and gave the the balance a tap it would move but stop. The second hand is dead, but it kinda wants to move but doesnt. I can still adjust the time and wind. What do you guys think is wrong with it? Pallet fork? Mainspring? Or something is lodged somewhere the gear train? I want to take it apart but I have no experience with rolex movements.
  6. I have one of these... cant make it work on anything... would you like to buy mine?
  7. Yeah i tried using a knife, but was only able to lift up one side, im afraid to pry it and bend the bezel because i read somewhere that a little bend can crack the sapphire bezel insert...
  8. Hello guys, as the title says, i have an omega ploprof, i need to remove the bezel so that i can repolish the case... please help...
  9. Hello Guys, New to the forum but in the watch hobby for a couple of years. Im a hobbyist who sometimes messes up a good watch, and sometimes fixes a bad one. I made a couple 6497/6498 watches. So hopefully you guys can help me the next time I mess something up again.. Thanks
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