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  1. I have a nice case and dial so decided to make a custom watch for mrs eezy with a new Miyota module. No dial feet so I used sticky dial pads. I put it all together, it worked fine and looked good so left it on my bench for a few days with the back off. Eventually decided it was OK, put the back on and presented it to mrs eezy. It ran for about 24 hours before it stopped so I reset the time and ran it for a day or so. She wore it and it stopped again. So further investigations and I find if I hold the watch vertical and tap it, the hour hand moves. The hands are new and not loose so I start thinking. Conclusion:- The dial is not flat, it's convex, but the module is flat meaning the edges of the module are touching the dial but the hour wheel has a gap above it allowing it to jump out of mesh, even though I inserted the wavy washer. Ah well, a novice error I guess
  2. If a fake watch only sells because it has Rolex etc branding then it is a complete cheat. Shame really because a lot of these fakes have merit in their own right as a nice piece of engineering and would probably sell anyway. As mentioned it is the resale market which suffers due to people trying to sell them as genuine products.
  3. I have half a dozen vintage military watches. All were my late father's and most were issued to him during WW2. All are unrestored original condition as issued. One of these is a Cyma WWW which he wore almost everyday for 45 years and while working as a carpenter/builder. As you can imagine the front of the case is well scratched. I would not dream of having this cosmetically restored because I know its history. In its present condition, not even the most knowledgeable collector could question its originality but the minute you alter that somebody will say '' that is restored, not original''. How that affects its value I don't know, don't care, its not for sale. My thoughts are if you want something that looks new then buy a replica, there are plenty to choose from. One of my pet dislikes though is to see deep gouges on screw down case backs where they have been hacked with sharp objects rather than the proper tool. Once they are there though, they are there to stay.
  4. Being a novice I get Mrs eezy to pull the stem while I'm holding the other bits. Not very professional but I know my limitations. I take all 3 hands off. If using new hands or movement, I find they go on easier second time around.
  5. I'm surprised these fakes are so easily available. Tag Heuer/ Hublot have a massive lawsuit running in the US against the Chinese suppliers and even renowned cheapie supplier Alibaba is suing. Added to which anything posted which is subject to import duty is usually scanned and if found to be counterfeit is seized (in the UK anyway).
  6. There is another aspect to this ''fake watch syndrome''. How many times have we seen somebody post pics and info of their family heirloom, only for another 'expert' to say I think that is fake. Quite often there is no supporting evidence other than ''it doesn't look right to me''. If people are going to denounce a watch as fake or even cast aspersions, then they should follow it up with some reasons. Mud sticks and it's much more difficult to verify the authenticity than it is to say 'that's fake'. It seems to happen a lot with vintage military watches which can have any number of genuine mods.
  7. This poses another question - how to sneak out with one of Mrs eezy's best frying pans without her noticing.
  8. So it's not a viable proposition. I take your point, just thinking out loud.
  9. I have not got the answers, just a theory, but I'm sure an engineer would have solutions. Just a question of whether it's viable. I'm sure it wouldn't need much current. Cross a couple of wires on a torch battery and they are soon glowing. Just thinking outside the box. The idea came from something we used to do years ago, repairing cracks in truck fuel tanks. A jump lead from the truck batt +ve terminal which had a carbon rod scavenged from a torch battery on the other end to heat up the job and brazing rod. Controllability is the issue
  10. This repair operation (and the excellent result), set me wondering if the job could be done more simply. I have a theory that maybe the engineers here may be able to expand on or alternatively say it's a no go. Supposing a plate of brass or copper 25mm x 15mm was attached to say a hardwood base with a +ve and -ve running to a throwaway battery would that plate heat up uniformly? If so you would simply place the broken parts in situ, face down, with a piece of solder covering the fracture. As the plate heats up and so the broken parts, the solder would melt into the required place. I know it requires thought, such as ensuring you don't solder the hand to the plate, but in essence could it work?
  11. Would it work if you gave the markers a dusting of spray lacquer? It tends to have good adhesive properties.
  12. Can't help but have you tried Meranom.com? I think it may be the factory outlet for Vostok.
  13. It's a twist and lock type. Turn the back anticlockwise about 1/8th of a turn and lift out
  14. Ah right. Happened to be browsing clocks just before I noticed this topic.
  15. Is this an identical clock on ebay currently at £13-50? In case you need parts https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Kieninger-Obergfell-Brass-400-day-German-aniversay-clock/183634596076?hash=item2ac17990ec:g:7hAAAOSw~rhcO2Iu:rk:9:pf:0
  16. Well the toothed pins did not work so had to resort to superglue. Left it to cure for about 6 hours and it worked no problem. So now I have to take a peek inside and see what horrors there are and remove the nut and superglue from the case back. Thanks everyone for your help.
  17. Link does not work for me but thanks. I managed to get a fair bit of torque on it using the Jaxa and improvised bits but it's not moving. I'm just waiting for the toothed pins to try that next. Superglue - last resort.
  18. No I have not seen these wrenches. The story goes that Mirvaine were made in Brazil and were a top seller in South America for many years. They also had an office in Switzerland and some watches used a Swiss movement. They went bust in the 80's and were dormant until the name was bought in 2014 in Switzerland but there was no further production. Supposedly a shipment of these watches were found in Manchester and recently came to the market. The watch I have is reckoned to have an early Miyota quartz movement but until I can get the back off that is all I know. As regards the sticky ball I've never used one but I'm guessing it relies on suction? The centre of the watch has a brushed finish and I've tried my usual suction device but it does not grip. I'll try these Jaxa bits when they come but failing that might have to try ''superglue the nut to the back'' solution. Unless that is, there are any other ideas. Thanks everyone for comments so far.
  19. errr...no! It's a divers style watch and the back has a milled edge. I feel sure I've read somewhere that it's a screw back but info is scarce. Nickelsilver Thanks for your info. I didn't know the Jaxa had toothed bits. I've just checked mine (Chinese copy) and it does not have those bits. I see Cousins do a kit of replacement bits including the tooth type (I think) so I'll give that a try when it get's here.
  20. I've just bought mrs eezy what I think is a nice little Mirvaine watch as one of her birthday presents. There's a bit of mystery attached as to how these watches have come to the market. Supposedly they are NOS from the 80's. Consequently the battery needs changing but it's a milled edge Rolex type back. I don't have a Rolex type kit and have tried all my Heath Robinson ways but the back won't budge so I need to get a device to open it. Looking on Cousins they do individual dies. I've measured the diameter from the outside edge of the milling and it's 26.5mm. The nearest die is 26mm. Am I measuring from the correct points and if so will the 26mm die do the job? Thanks
  21. Worked fine for me. Many Thanks OH and a Happy New Year!
  22. I'm not seeing anything other than what I'm supposed to see - the orange download button. But then again I use Adblocker Plus which is good at blocking out crap.
  23. In which case I'm wrong. Apologies for misinformation.
  24. Cousins stock all sizes, Sternkreuz https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/standard-chrome-ringed-glass-atc
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