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  1. Yep, battery checked, knackered and replaced. Looks ok for now. Thanks
  2. Do all quartz movements indicate low battery with the customary second hand jump or do some keep going and losing time until the battery runs out? In particular I have a Hattori in a watch which is 3 weeks old and in that time it has lost exactly 1 hour. It has 2 year warranty but postage would be more than what I paid for the watch. I'll change the battery and see what happens.
  3. Gents, thank you both for the information, exactly what I wanted. With the name Mauthe, I have been able to find a wealth of information. Not so with Kohler though, there seems to be very little about. Hence I have not been able to find a link to Berchtesgaden and can only assume that Kohler had a base there. Thanks again
  4. This clock was liberated from the Belsen WW2 prison camp by my father. He was one of the first into Belsen and this clock was in the Commandant's quarters. There is a note somewhere, currently mislaid, from within the clock which contains Commandant Kramer's name. It sat on the mantelpiece at my Father's and worked everyday up until about 2006. I think it is an 8day movement. The movement is signed Kohler and the case has Berchtesgaden and Bergen on it. I cannot find any info at all onthe 'net.
  5. I had something similar that the tab broke off. I just squeezed the sides of the outer clasp so that it pinched the bracelet. Still working now.
  6. Am I the only one that has difficulty at times, navigating their website?
  7. I have my late father's Cyma WWW that he was issued with in 1945. He wore it most everyday after that for about 40 years, working as a builder. The black pigskin strap is still serviceable although has a small piece of leather glued over a crack on the inside. I never saw him clean it or use any leather treatment.
  8. Thank you Marc. That's more info than I found. So it is a separate company to Dubois Depraz but not a copy
  9. I searched Depraz a few weeks ago and could not find any reference. There was an ad on ebay for a watch. It was priced £10 and did not sell. I found a lot of ref to Dubois-Depraz which if I remember right was more of a high end movement. So I came to the conclusion it was a cheap knock off. Can't confirm that though.
  10. As a general first rule I ignore anything with military images on the watch face. Not that I've got several thousands to spend on a watch
  11. Could not afford Coca Cola as kids so used to nick Dad's HP brown sauce - same effect.
  12. I don't think it would be a problem, at least not one that I've encountered. Most of these cheap Chinese pocket watches have tiny movements. I tend to use Miyota since they are only a couple of pounds and I can be sure of finding hands to fit. I'm not sure about Andy's idea of gluing the dial. OK you can adjust the thickness of glue to bring your crown in line, but in my experience the problem is gauging the void between the hour wheel and dial. Too big a gap and the hour wheel disengages if you tip it upside down. This is a novelty pocket watch bought for my birthday.
  13. It does, yes, even down to the lightly brushed finish on top of the case. Is the Nino a screw back as well?
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