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  1. Hi guys! I have a watch that uses a Ronda 751 quartz movement (see pic). For those unfamiliar, it’s a small tonneau shaped movement - usually a woman’s size (5½ x 6¾ linge and 2.5mm thick) with the following specs: Linge Size: 5½ x 6¾, 2.50mm thick Hand Size: 120/70 Stem: 401-1237 Cell/Battery/Power Source: 379 Tap Size: 10 I’d like to replace it with a mechanical movement: I started off looking for a direct drop in replacement but it’s proved very difficult. I haven’t found any modern movements with the same dimensions (although to be fair I haven’t had much
  2. Hi guys! My name is Richard, I’m 30 and I love everything horological. I love fixing and decorating movements etc. REALLLY wanted to go to the Patek watchmaking school when I was younger but it’s way to exclusive. Anyway just wanted to say hi and I love the forum!
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