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  1. Thank you this has been a great help I can stop scratching my head now
  2. Gentlemen, I'm doing my first service and it looks like I got myself in a pickle. This is just a hobby right now, and services are so expensive. So im doing a benrus and i have the plate in my movement holder and it popt out Now i see a part what looks like a washer or spacer. Idont know where it came from, what am i goig to do? I cant find a drawing on movement ETA 900 dose anybody know where it goes? *** tweazers and toothpick are pointing to the mystery part.
  3. Yes its running good , keeping time. I dont think it is a fake. If i were making a fake i would not make the mistake of spelling
  4. Found this watch at a flee market keeps good time but needs service. Payd 20. Bucks ,cant find one online Can any body tel me anything. Bill
  5. Does anybody know how to get into this watch
  6. Hi frinds , im new at the hobby of watches hoping to make a few bucks at it when i retair . What is the average cost of a good serviceing, clean and oiling of my new watch
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