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    L&R master cleaning machine

    Thanks oldhippy!
  2. Hello all! I purchased said model of cleaning machine on eBay last week. It was functional but needed some love. So I did a little tinkering, got it to run a bit smoother but alas the wiring and hardware probably original. Now not running...Has anyone here ever or is knowledgeable about wiring (Canada or N. American). It seems straight forward power cord (18-3?) and wiring for motor what to use? Ordered a rheostat original specs were 750ohms 50w 300v. Only found 500ohms 50w. Haven't found any manual or specs for it. I think it was fabricated in '56. Any help would be appreciated...
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    I remember the tolls on the 13 and Champlain bridge. They're building a new bridge next to old one and were talking about tolls again but no go. St Denis and farming...wow that's a long time ago!? Lol
  4. Peladoro

    Gevril gv2 repair

    hey all! just an update if you're interested. it indeed separates in 2 halves. have dismantled watch just received cleaning machine from ebay auction...yay! happy new year btw!!
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    it is when it'll be finished. someone's making a fortune in road cones!
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  7. Peladoro


    Thanks again...I think!?
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    Introducing myself to forums...from Montreal. Own a gevril gv2 stadium and Omega seamaster chrono titanium.
  9. Peladoro

    Gevril gv2 repair

    Ok thanks for your input guys.... I'll try from there.
  10. Peladoro

    Gevril gv2 repair

    Rogart63: yes that was my guess as well. Flat display crystal...but how do I seperate the 2? Don't want to force things you know
  11. Peladoro

    Gevril gv2 repair

    hello all!I own a gv2 stadium 4009b watch and am new to watch repair. My question is this: does anyone know how to remove the movement (eta 2836-2) from the bloody case? There's a retention ring held by 2 screws that when loosened rotates the ring. There are 2 screws that also secure movement to the ring...but i can't remove the ring nor the screws holding it because it is under the case. The watch appears to be in 2 parts: bezel, glass and inner rim of dial. the actual dial seems to be independent of the former. Not to want to force things do i have to seperate the bezel to remove the movement? no videos on gevril repair so asking here...thanks for any input. I'll attach pics if helps