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  1. Did you ever find out who makes this movement? It looks like FHF???
  2. I'm in the same boat, Off to B&Q tomorrow for 0.7mm drill bits, A great bit of advice/ work around.
  3. I have just purchased my first pocket/fob watch and I am desperate to 'get a look under the bonnet' but the crown wheel has a spanner head screw which I need a screwdriver that fits to remove it. I had some modern spanner head bits but they are a no go. I have looked on a number of websites...including Cousins and I am struggling to find spanner head screwdrivers for this type of watch screw. Does anyone have any suggestions. Picture of movement attached. Regards Paul
  4. Hi vinn3, Sorry, the answer is probably not. As a rule of thumb most WW1 trench watches were a round case (mainly silver or nickel) with a white or black dial and poire squelette hands or some form of dial and hands that could be lumed with radium etc. During WW2 watches were more robust and more like watches we see today. A nice watch all the same. You will find a huge number of people selling watches on the internet that state 'WW1 officers watch' when the assay mark reveals that it is from the 1930's. In all cases when you are looking at trench watches take this to heart 'BUYER BEWARE' I have made some costly mistakes buying watches and watch parts that are supposed to be one thing and turn out to be another. My view now is that if the watch can put a smile on your face then it is worth every penny. Regards Paul
  5. Superb collection of Casio's and Seiko's....the trench watches are stunning. Thanks for posting these, I have some serious watch envy right now. Seiko's and trench watches are my favourites. My oldest Seiko is a 5 DX from September 1967 (birth watch- present to myself for my 50th) all my other Seiko's are 'modern classics' SARB033 Spirit, SARB065 Cocktail Time, SARB017 Alpinist, SPB051J1 Prospex Diver 'reissue' of 62mas, the SPB051J1 is as good as Rolex in my opinion, the 6R15 is a nice movement. SARB017, SARB033, SARB065, never worn, still in the boxes they came in...oh the shame of it.
  6. I love that!!! What a great setup, trouble is... I have a 43" computer monitor where that would need to be. Thanks for sharing the photo.
  7. Watch collecting.....hobby or illness? A big welcome from Scotland!
  8. Friendly is good, I have always had the opinion that people that collect and admire watches are a thoughtful and caring bunch, however, having seen some comments on various Youtube channels I realise that is not always the case. I am hoping to get lots of info, advice....and spares for trench watches on here. Thanks for the welcome oldhippy! Regards Paul
  9. Always great to see these lovely watches brought back to life. I hope to do the same with a 'butchered' Rolex from 1916, well done on your restoration.
  10. Hello All My name is Paul and I have an illness, an addiction...watches! I started collecting last year really, but, this year I have started buying watches that are not working so I can fix them. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge and hopefully some 'watch buddies' along the way. Thanks for letting me join Mark. Regards Paul
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