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  1. I didn't start this hobby to give up on a challenge, although I am sure I will pay a dear price some day. Thanks for advice.
  2. Appreciate the detailed and valuable advice, Sir. In the end, after taking off the barrel bridge I found the stem release mechanism to be damaged. Managed to reach it at the side of the stem and the stem/crown were released. A pleasure to resolve the issue, but the search for the part begins. Thank you for all who tuned in!
  3. Dear friends, Very eager to service my Zenith 2572c, but I am stuck with a very silly issue of non-working stem release button. It appears to be a simple push to release type, but it doesn't release the stem when the pressure is applied. What could be the possible solutions? Getting to the keyless works would be brilliant, but I can't reach it without removing the bloody stem. Thank you kindly.
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