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  1. Thanks a lot Gpsluvr! That makes a lot more sense. So is the large second hand supposed to be static when the chronograph is not on? If that's the case then it all makes sense
  2. Hi, thanks for all the responses. Was asleep. This is the watch I have. This is the manual. When I press the top button. The 1/20 second hand (2 o clock dial) moves and the main second hand stops moving. When I press it again, the main second hand continues ticking. However, the bottom dial (chronograph second hand) continues to tick regardless. And after every minute, the 10 o clock (minute chronograph hand) ticks. I've tried like 10 different combinations but nothing stops the bottom dial from ticking.I can get to a point where I can move the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock dial, but there's nothing I can do to touch the bottom dial. If I pull the crown out to C position, it works as it should - with nothing but the main hands moving. But I don't want to leave it out at that position. I spent an hour tinkering with it and then gave up and decided to make a post here.
  3. Hi guys, I bought a chronograph watch recently. I didn't want the chronograph function but it happened to come with it (Timex Fairfielder). Is the second/minute hand chronograph supposed to be moving all the time? Thanks!
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