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  1. Thank you very much. I´ll give it a try maybe next week. kind regards Oliver
  2. The video is quite bad but ; ( I think sliding pinion and winding pinion do what they are supposed to do as the small gear is turning. Maybe something on the other side is disassembled ?
  3. Thanks HSL for your very detailed explanation. I´m trying to upload a short movie which shows a bit what is happening when I´m winding on sunday Thanks Oliver

    Clean hands

    that is exactly the problem I have a Omega GMT and the hands look a bit corroded and have some fat spots. But the hand are highly lumed. Can I use ultrasonic ? How do you append the Propyl Alcohol on a ear tip or piece of cloth ?

    Moebius D5 or 9104 (HP-1300)?

    Hi, just a sum up ... 9104 1300 is well suited to oil ETA service tasks ? kind regards Oliver

    Clean hands

    Hi How do you clean your watch hands. Someone used ultrasonic ? Alcohol ? Tools ? Kind regards Oliver
  7. OK, so my problem is another story : ) At the moment I finished the work on my 2836, put the watch in the watch mover and let that make the work. Anyway when I have time and open the movement again I´ll place that in the forum and I will work on the winding problem. Thanks so far ; )
  8. OK this is intresting, still have the problem that everything is working but the winding ? Ist the winding pinion rotating to wind the watch or is it rotating to advance the datewheel ? regards Oliver
  9. seems to be logic : ) I´ll order one .
  10. Thank you very much !!! So the winding pinion does rotate when the stem/crown is in the 1st position full in ? Thats what I expected, I found one here but I can barely see that it has a square hole. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Generic-Winding-pinion-410-for-ETA-2824-2-2836-2-2834-2/221450511596?hash=item338f7aa4ec:g:ZQMAAMXQuCdThVq8:rk:1:pf:0 kind regards Oliver
  11. Anyone knows a video where I can see what happens when a winding the movement through the winding pinion. Does the winding pinion rotate in that position ( in my case it never rotates ? ) It worked when I first opened the movement but now I may have disconnected someting else on the backside of the movement ? kind regards Oliver
  12. After connecting the Yoke spring to the settings lever gmt/date / time setting work now like a charm. only winding does not work or it is so subtle I don´t see and hear it. I may have to buy a new winding pinion. This never rotates with the stem, or maybe its on the backside of the movement ? kind regards to all supporters happy Oliver
  13. Thanks, I could fix the lossen stem problem, the stem is hold by the keyless works no problem. Position C ( time setting ) works quite good , date is changing as well and movement stops. Postion B ( GMT & Date ) does not work Position A ( winding ) does not work. I got to find schematics or learn to understand what happens in the several positions Well its a hard way to perfection : )
  14. you are great !! thanks so if this is the part that I´m pressing on with the needle right.... I still have this part ; ) Is that affirmative ? kind regards Oliver
  15. Yes seems I pressed it through, as I can see through the hole : ( is this issue reparable or can I kick the movement in the garbage now ? thanks Oliver