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  1. you are great !! thanks so if this is the part that I´m pressing on with the needle right.... I still have this part ; ) Is that affirmative ? kind regards Oliver
  2. Yes seems I pressed it through, as I can see through the hole : ( is this issue reparable or can I kick the movement in the garbage now ? thanks Oliver
  3. Hi Jaycey, I think that is my problem, In my case there is only a hole, so I pushed that pin out forever and that is why my stem doesn`t stay in the movement. Do you think that can be corrected, ie. I can get a spare part for the pin ? or is there a workaround ? Thank you very much for your support Oliver
  4. Thank you very much, that video worked out for me !! : ) I could finish the watch and it is working. My only problem is the stem does not stay in the watch. Seems I distorted soome plates that hold the stem ; ( But for now I´m very confident. kind regards Oliver
  5. Thanks for your help Got it all going but when I deatched the big plate the small keyless part came with it, now I´m a bit struggling how to reassemble the movement. Is the position of 1 and 2 correct, maybe 2 holds the stem gear ? Anyone did this job and knows what to care for? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your support I removed the hands and the dial, I´m stuck now with the date wheel How can I remove it ? Thanks Oliver
  7. Hi, I had to fix a hand and I obviously pushed the stem release button too deep : ( The stem doesn´t click in and I cannot change time, date and gmt anymore or wind it up. I found some articles in the web talking about the keyless hacking problem. Did someone manage to repair that problem ? If yes, are there any good repair tutorials on the web. Any help appreciated Thanks Oliver
  8. Well, I´m quite new to this hobby and I want to step further in repairing and servicing my 2824 / 2836 and 2893-2 watches. I have a SINN 857 UTC, a IWC Fliegerchrono and some Reps. At the moment I´m trying to repair a Asian 2836 with a kewless handle problem. Cheers and merry christmas in advance. Oliver