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  1. Can you tell me any more about The Elma we have in common?

  2. SUPER elite record...Some on told me..? Ive Got more pictures but I am having trouble uploading..
  3. Similar yes, but again, not the same. If you look carefully at the top of the last picture I posted, you can see the bottom of an additional apparatus, And The whole thing rest on an additional carousal... I'll post more pictures in a bit. Thanks all.
  4. My great Aunt died a couple years back. She had had been married to a man that owned a jewelry store back in the early 80's. In her estate was a number of great treasures and even literal gems. After the estate sale not much was left, but I did end up with what Ive deduced to be a Vintage Elma watch parts cleaner. And that is about as much as I have been able to figure out. None of the searches I've performed on the internet have returned with the exact model that I have. Not even an image... Similar , yes. The same . no. .. I don't have a clue as to how to operate any watch parts cleaner, much less one with minimal text (german) to clue one in on function of switches and dials. So, I can't verify it is in working order. I did notice that the plug had a short in it so I replaced that, Plugged it in and a light above the switch lights up after being flipped, but again end of my road of investigation... So basically, I would really appreciate any information at all about this machine
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