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    Balikpapan / Indonesia
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    Watches of course...... fishing ( sea kayak fishing). Cycling . Travelling . Photography. And collector ( of many things / Antics). Motorcycles

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About Me

I worked in the Oil and gas industry for over 40 years in many countries in the world. Many in Africa .

I am now retired in Indonesia . I enjoy the people and the quietness of the country. After so many years abroad I could not leave in France .

When I was a teen ager my mom bought me a watch . she took me to the shop and choose 2 watches ( 1 square and the other one round) . I loved the square one but she bought the round one. Back in 1978 I had enough money to buy myself a nice watch and brought my first rolex. Since that day I was fascinated by watches. today I have a small collection of 57.

I would like to take it a step further and understand more about the movement / history..... 

I am happy to have join this community and I hope I can learn and share many things.

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