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  1. ........ UPDATE ........ Gluing the scotchbrite to a Popsicle stick is the way to go, works better, regards, James.
  2. And last but not least the gratuitous wrist shot! .... (bezel removed to see finish) Let me know what you think, thanks, James.
  3. I don't think it is too bad for a first attempt, my tool has a couple of thousandths run out in it and i don't think it effects it any, actually i don't think the case back is all that round to begin with.
  4. I think the next time I do this I will glue the scotchbrite to a Popsicle stick. I got a little lite scratching on the side of the case. I think gluing the scotchbrite to a Popsicle stick will make it more ridged and more accurate instead of being so flexible.
  5. I got around to trying the case back mandrel out today, I had to use a variac (Variable auto Transformer) to slow down the drill to about 120 rpm. The speed control on my drill was not working very well. Here are pic's when I started. I cut strips of scotchbrite into strips held them taught. I was surprised how little pressure I had to use to get the desired effect. It took me longer to do the sides by hand than it did to do the top.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and new to vostok modding as well. I hope everyone is having a good evening. I would like to share a little tool that I made today for polishing and or sanding the cases on the vostok watches. I got a little bite mark on the case from the bezel tool when I was taking off the bezel on a 150 case. I want to put a satin finish on or maybe bead blast finish. I have not tried it yet but I think it would be nice to be able to rotate the watch when working on the finish weather you are sanding or bead blasting. Chuck it up in either a drill press or a drill in a vise and let er rip!.
  7. Thanks again you are very helpful to this noob. If anyone is interested I will post a link to my Vostok Caseback Tool. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/vostok-caseback-mandrel-tool-4826843.html Thanks again Endeavor.
  8. Hi Endeavor, can you tell me if the Vostok anfibian hands will fit the 2409 and 2414 movements? thanks again.
  9. Thank you Endeavor for the tek. I will be on the lookout for 2409 and 2414 movements as well as some other parts, thank you and best regards, James. P.S...... In case you are interested Endavor I invented a little tool out of a Vostok Case back to polish the cases and crystal's on vostok's They work well and you probably have all the parts just laying around!
  10. I am new to the watch community. I am primarily interested in the Russian Vostok line of watches. my other interests are street rods and 9mm pistols. I look forward to chatting with you in the forums, Best regards, James.
  11. What I would like to do is install a 2416 or 2415 movement out of a Vostok Amphibia into a #53 Komandirskie case. I know the movement will be skewed in the case, but, I am concerned about the crown stem length and if the crown threads are the same and other problems I may run into. I do not have either of the cases or movements to compare to so I am asking in advance to see if it can be done and if there are any parts I need to find/order. Thank you in advance, jimzilla.
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