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  1. Thought I had a 2892-2 lying around but the 2892A2 is almost the same just slighly upgraded. So to avoid confusion I've taken some pictures to show how to reach the balance and where to remove the three small screws to remove the rotor. Picture 1 and 2 shows the three screws which to remove so the winding mechanism can be removed. On picture 3 you can see the three small screws to be removed if you want to take off the rotor without removing the bearing. Picture 4 reveals the balance, it will only swing with the stem in position 1. Fully pushed in. Picture 5 is how i guess you check the power transfer from the drivetrain, you have to wiggle the pallet fork otherwise nothing will happen. If you gently wiggle the pallet fork and nothing happens you have an fault somewhere in the drivetrain.
  2. Just as a curiousity here is the tools recommended by ETA the bearing tool and some others..
  3. To remove the beaing you need a special tool but just to remove the rotor you just take of the three screws holding the automatic mechanism, turn it around and unscrew three small screws on the underside and the rotor gets loose.. Could take a couple of shots for you if you wish..
  4. Must say it looks great! You did a good job.
  5. Nice pics, just pop a message if you need some parts . Keep up the good work!
  6. The movement looks OK but I'm not familiar with the 107, but there were two other very similat movements caliber 101 and caliber 112.
  7. Not that I needed one more but I just couldn't resist to buy it when I saw it. A combined staking and reamer set. Never seen one before and the only stamp there is on it is the no: 19 in the bottom. Anyone out there who knows the manufacturer of these?
  8. I have a 1030 I discarded because of some rust on the regulator and HS but it has a complete and nice keyless work... just in case you don't find all parts..
  9. Yes there is a distinct difference and you can see it by the arrow by the setting lever too, had a look at two more Genevas with 1030 and both are identical to my first picture. Your just seems to be worn down.
  10. lol.. no that's just a residue from my little investigation think it is the sweep second pinion which hold that lower gear in place when setting the time. I just have a habbit to mark the area I work with now I forgott to take it away..
  11. I have tried to replicate the error you describe but failed, the only thing what seems making sense is your first diagnose with the cannon pinion. Try to broach it slightly and oil it and see what happens. Here is s shot of one of my candidates at trial run.. You can compare the positions of the keyless work.
  12. If it Is these pins you mean you probably can buy new pins from here. https://www.watchstrapworld.com/watch-straps/tag-heuer.html
  13. Sorry for not answering Before, I'm away on a bussiness tripp and has limited with time between the usuall wining and dining. I only pop in here when I manage to keep my Eyes open at the meetings. The most manufacturers have all their techsheets availeble online. ETA has renewed ther B2B portal but it's still there one just have to go through their official site ETA.ch. So there you can find all the techsheets.. here is the one for a 7750 for an example. https://shopb2b.eta.ch/7750.html#technical-documents Unfortunately I am not an Admin so I could fix links , I suspect the links on the recourses site in here became erratic with the change of adresses on the ETA B2B site. All other links seems to work.
  14. I agree with what you say but my Point is that when it comes to like different complications on movements they usually are made by the manufacturer and they Always make up a fancy definition of it in many languages. So to get it right when ordering it one Always have to get the correct name and partnumber. That you only can get from the technical sheets and In many languages. So making a list of the general Components is ok but one have to keep in mind propper or not they don't Always comply with the specific manufacturers definitions and when ordering parts it's those that counts.
  15. I don't know if I'm a bit weird but I usualy take a look in the service manual of the movement and in that the most parts are named. It's easier to order parts too if one use the manufacturers names and numbers..
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