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  1. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    Guess I'm a little bit zealous sometimes, but found out the hard way it is just easier to bite the bullet and take the loooooong way and make it correct from the beginning.
  2. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    As the price indicates these usually comes with just the barrel drum and cover. The problem with buying complete parts to old movements is that you don't know when it was fabricated. Old non synthetic oils gets bad with time and it ends up you have to pop the cover sooner or later anyway.
  3. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    Sometimes pictures are better than words so here is a PDF with some pictures of the components we been trying to describe. Barrel Complete.pdf
  4. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    There aren't that many parts to choose from, barrel, mainspring and the arbor. Watching the video one can see you wind and the balance oscillate, it means you got power through the drive train. If the mainspring would be bad by the arbor then you wouldn't have any power since it would not wind the mainspring at all, now it does and by that tighten itself around the arbor notch. On the inside of the barrel you have the small indentation I earlier spoke about, the mainspring has a formation which grabbs onto this notch and makes it possible to wind without the spring slipping. On your watch the spring grips onto this notch until the tension in the spring makes it to slip. As it unwinds it grows in area and once again grabs onto the notch making your watch run. So the watch will still run but not as long as it should in a static position. It is an easy fix but you have to open the barrel to see if it is the end of the spring that is bad or the notch in the barrel. Forgot to say, when you wear it the auto winder probably nerver winds it enough to release the spring or you just do't notice it,
  5. HSL


    Kind of like it. 25.000$ what a find! Just a shame it was sold out.
  6. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    You have to take the movement apart, just by sound one can identify the area that might be subject to repair. After a closer inspection one can say exact whats erratic or needs to be repaired.
  7. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    No it's a sign of wear and tear and have to be fixed.
  8. HSL

    eta 2784 question

    This was an interesting question, I'll take a first shot! Sounds like a mainspring unwinding in the barrel. It might be the little indentation on the side of the barrel that become a bit round, it can retain a little bit of tension but finally slips.
  9. Only eight! Then I must have misplaced a bunch of movements somewhere. Like all scientists I suffer from a restless brain, this is nowadays confirmed by genetics. One of the manifestations or symptoms is the urge to quite the voices in the head by manically investigate a claim someone maid (ETA). In this case I probably had to see what really differs between the different ETA 2824-2 movement variants. The conclusion was .. after some tweaking with the simpler model the biggest difference was mostly cosmetic. It’s one of my absolute favourite movements. Simple, robust and with good enough precision.
  10. Since I have a restless brain I today decided it was time to practice on an ETA2824-2 Movement. I pulled the practice 2824-2 movements box out and blindly picked a specimen. But soon I realized the pictures probably are so many it would be hard to upload. So I made it to a two part PDF series instead. Part 1 2824-2 Disassemble.pdf Part 2 2824-2 Assemble.pdf
  11. HSL


    Hello Sherlock and welcome.. The jewels one most obviously can see usually are those one can see like in these pictures. I would say one always should spot atleast 6 of them right away on the back side if they are there that is, some lower grade movements uses less jewels. As you already know the jewels are both in the dial side and on the back, so you have to start multiplying every jewel you find times two. So in this case it is atleast 14 jewels (the balance has 4 with it's cap jewels too) which is the minimum for a movement like this to keep somewhat accurate time. Unfortunately I'm not aquainted to these Smith movements but i'm sure someone in this forum is.
  12. HSL

    Stereo Microscope

    I would guess that depends on how long you work by the microscope. At a labaratory one mostly costum fit the microscope to fit your hight and so on. I use a standard desk but have an adjustable chair instead. Some of our yonger personel even likes to stand on a ergonomic rubber matt instead of sitting. Here is some instructions from Leica about the matter.
  13. HSL

    ETA2824 setting issue

    As I understand it you had problems in the third position which sets the time. The tension to get a correct action is set by the spring rogart63 told you about earlier. If you haven't put the spring on the lever it will akt strange. Quick date adjust should be in the middle position. I attach a photo so you can check.
  14. HSL

    ETA2824 setting issue

    Maybe just a typo the movement in the picture looks more like an 2824-2...
  15. One-dip is an excellent product for hairspring cleaning, the active ingredient is trichloroethylene which is a powerful industrial degreser. I have though switched to pure 99.3% solvent from an bulk supplier instead of the Bergeon 2552, a quick analyzes in the lab says they are practically the same.