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  1. i have a casio sgw-100b 3157 movement and I replaced the battery yesterday and tried to reset the battery AC to the + on the battery. It didn't work. i most have touched the wrong terminals, can anyone help me? the battery no. is cr-2025
  2. i bought a watch on ebay. It needs a battery does anyone know how to tell what size battery it needs. It is a isa 317 quartz. Thanks
  3. I,m sorry I have been off for a while. I also worked on computers but I,m retired now, Your watch looks great! I have a question, how do you know the battery slze for a quartz watch. i Bought it on eBay. Thanks!
  4. my name is ken and i,m going to attempt to clean a seiko automatic 7006.A. To let you know i,m just a beginner. The winder rotter is off if that's what you call it. i'm going to clean it in distilled water and a drop of dish soap and rinse the parts in Isopropyl Alcohol. Thanks Ken!
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