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  1. Hi guy's, I miraculously found a watch on an online auction with the exact movement, the setting lever spring shape is slightly different but the movement is identical to the unknown in question, and this movement that I found has a stamp / makers logo on the main plate under the dial However I have never seen this logo, can anyone tell me what it is? Also there's no movement number under the balance cock, just the letter " N" Thank you
  2. No need to apologise or to move, They are related After all I need to identify the movement because I need a hairspring I unfortunately never learn about CGS and hairspring formula yet but would love to in the future Thank you
  3. Thank you so much for the help and the time you spent searching Still no luck on my side, but will keep searching, hopefully I'll find out what it is Thanks again for the help Really appreciate it and appreciate this forum The information from the experienced are priceless
  4. Guys I have looked through the best fit books, I ddnt find an exact match However, the Eta 651 is scary close, what are yourls opinions? I see it has its own escape wheel bridge/cock unlike the unknown movement, and the setting lever spring slightly differ, I'll attach pics of the ETA 651
  5. Thank you so much, the books would definitely help, it's so hard to guess who made the movement, even the case which is sterling silver has no info, will try my best to find out and let yourl know the outcome
  6. Thank you kindly, I'll look up and pay particular attention to the setting lever spring shape
  7. Thank you, I'm gonna have a look at the books (bestfit)
  8. Hi guy's, I need help with identification of this movement, it has no markings anywhere of a movement maker or number, the only marking is " Swiss made" and " 15 jewels " The reason that I want the movement identified is because it needs a new hairspring, so knowing what it is would be a great help Thank you in advance
  9. Thanks m1ks I'll be getting a 2.5 soon Atleast will give me around 4 inches of clearance from the work I have a 10X that I use for inspection
  10. Thanks so much Andy Definitely a great set up in stages of magnification The microscope is awesome. I look forward to building up my " magnification station " lol I guess if you can't see it, you can't clean it Or repair it, this really teaches me the importance of good lighting and magnification This is one aspect of repair where shortcuts don't help
  11. Thank you Dpastl I'll consider getting one in the future It would be a dream for inspection of jewels / pivots/ escapement
  12. Thank you saswatch for the info I'm currently using a headband magnifier aswell ( optivisor) but I would love to try out working with loupes The microscope must be amazing to use I'm sure the detail at even 40X magnification is crisp I'll definitely look at getting one in the future for inspection
  13. Thank for the tip Hippy, I have experienced fogging up of the lens before I'll drill a hole on the side for some ventilation Will be getting a number 4 (2.5X magnification) loupe soon, a bergeon 4422 Will give it a shot
  14. Thank you Andy I will definitely need to upgrade my light I'm currently using a desk top reading lamp This is a poor light but I plan on getting something better, I guess loupes are useless with no light I plan on using the 2.5X magnification loupe with a head spring 'holder' so I don't have to squint to keep it from falling
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