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  1. OK thanks. Having thought about it, perhaps there is a good chance of me damaging the replacement coil by trying to move that across, so replacing the whole movement is best. Any recommendations on hand remover tool? I wouldn't imagine I'd use them a lot, so don't want to break the bank, but could afford better ones if necessary.
  2. Hi I have a Victorinox Inox with (I believe) a Ronda 715 movement. I suspect I have damaged the coil when replacing the battery, I'm going the try and check with a multimeter. Can anyone advise the contact points. I have found the correct resistance, but strongly suspect mine will be infinity due to my hamfistedness. It's how we learn... So assuming I need to replace the coil, the cheapest way seems to be buying a whole new movement from Cousins. Is it then easiest to replace the whole movement, or take the coil off the new movement and just replace that? I don't currently have hand
  3. Thanks @clockboy, I've seen videos about the AC reset function on some Casio movements, but this one doesn't seem to have one. @yankeedog, I may give that a go, as it's pretty much at the write-off stage anyway. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  4. I'm unsure of the age of the watch as purchased on ebay second-hand a few years ago. I have neither a Quartz tester nor a demagnatisor I'm afraid!
  5. I have a Casio MTD-1054 Super Illuminator which has ceased working. I have put a fresh battery in and the lights work fine, so no issue with battery/connection, but the hands aren't moving at all. I have opened up the back to give photos in case that is any way helpful. I have read that some similar models have one battery for the light and one for the watch, but I can't see a second battery. So two questions really: Any ideas what has gone wrong? Is it simply the 'movement' has expired? If the movement has expired, is replacing it doable? I really like this watch, even thoug
  6. I'm just introducing myself to be polite. I have around ten to twelve watches ranging from various Quartz ones (Seiko, Omega, Accurist) to some Automatics (Certina, Tissot, Cartier). I've never tinkered too much with any watch, but I've replaced the odd crown and hands previously. I'm reasonably practical and think I'm OK at following instructions and understanding how things work.
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