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  1. That's a great thread ddrescueb2048, lots of great info in there! I'm starting to think that is the case with what I'm dealing with. I did count the number of coils from one to the other and they seemed similar but close doesn't always cut it in the watch world!
  2. Poljot, thanks for your quick reply! Yes they sure do present their challenges that's for sure! Yes, I'm aware the regulator does not need to be centered, I just like to get the timing as close as possible with the regulator in the center before I start to use it. And as much as its gaining the regulator by itself won't be able to take care of that kind of number. That's a good idea with the stud screw, I will give that a try! The main reason for the picture I took was to show the arrangement of the screws wondering if any of them could be identified as the mean time screws, as there are n
  3. Good morning everyone, I hope this message finds you all well and healthy! I have a question in regards to a ladies Bulova watch that I am currently working on. The watch came to me with a broken hairspring and I just so happened to have a parts movement in my stock. The movement is a Bulova 6AH. After servicing the movement and swapping the the donor hairspring the watch starts up and runs nicely. After putting the watch on the timing machine it showed otherwise. The watch ran at +600 seconds per day with the regulator arm central in the balance cock. After inspecting the donor spring
  4. It's definitely nice when they mark it, takes the guess work out of it. I haven't seen it very often but it is out there. After radium was phased out Promethium was also used for a short time. I haven't seen one of these dials in person but those were marked with a "P" or "PR". Huh, that is interesting. I haven't paid much attention to newer watches, but that's nice they're doing in.
  5. I agree that it is likely tritium. And as far as the color you are right, radium does tend to be fairly dark, even black at this point on some watches that I've seen. Also the lack of radium burn on a light dial points me in the direction of tritium. As for markings for radium, some dials do have an "RA" marking on each side of the "SWISS MADE" just as it would "T" for tritium.
  6. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well! So its time to move on to another project and this Lucerne Sport Chronograph has caught my eye. When it comes to older watches I tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to lume. I know if you're careful and respect it, radium shouldn't be an issue but I've decided just to leave them alone. In regards to this watch I do see a "T" to the left of "SWISS", so this to me means Tritium, but there is no T on the other side of "MADE". Also the color seems a bit off to me for tritium but that I guess could change from one manufacturer to another. I think t
  7. Very Interesting! Good luck! I couldn't help but notice how closely the wheel in your 5th picture resembles the index wheel and fingers of a Bulova Accutron (at least I think it does)
  8. I personally have had good experiences with the purple Loctite 222. Its described as low adhesive and for fasteners that require occasional adjustment so its easy to loosen if all of a sudden the crown would need to be removed.
  9. I would like to try my hand at doing some different types of case finishes (circular brushing, radial lines of sunburst finishes etc.), and I,ve seen these finishes done on small lathes with the 3 jaw and the results looked quite good. Would the extra steps in setting up the 4 jaw be evident in the results that I would get?
  10. Giving my Accutron Yellow Dot a try today, first time on the wrist
  11. Wow, thanks everyone, there's a whole lot of awesome information happening here! This went a whole lot deeper that I thought it would. I think a 3 jaw is still the most fitting for what I'm looking to do. jdrichard, great video! What you have there is exactly what I would be looking for and after looking into it those pieces are way more affordable than what I have been finding on ebay.
  12. Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe and well! I recently got my hand on a small Boley 8mm lathe as I would like to try to broaden my skill set. I’m looking into getting a 3 jaw chick for it but what I’m finding all seem to be fairly expensive, like in the 300-400 USD range for used. I’m just wondering if anyone out there would have a suggestion of a brand or maybe has hands on experience with something that is more affordable? I won’t be using it a whole lot therefore something more affordable would be great.
  13. Thanks watchweasol for the information, Ill definitely have a look at those sites and see what I can find!
  14. Hi everyone! So I've started a new project, a Seiko 7025-8099. Its seen better days as you can see. At the moment the bezel is missing and original replacements for what I have found are nowhere to be found. Does anyone have any ideas of other models bezels that may fit or of a reproduction bezel that is available? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hey everyone! So I thought I would follow up on the progress of this project. I got the case back from being refinished and it turned out really well! I gave the movement a once over and a service as it obviously has had a fairly rough life. There were a number of broken wheels, particularly the chronograph runner and drive wheel, 4th wheel pivot was bent and the hairspring was torn and the balance pivots where both broken. Topped it all off with a new crystal and this is the finished product.
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