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  1. Stevelp

    Strange hand issue

    Thanks everyone for the great advice. So I had some time to tear down the movement again and I found my main issue. From now on I will use my strongest loupe to check wheels after going through the cleaning machine. I found the smallest buildup of dry oil between 2 teeth, so I cleaned it up and it took off, no more stopping.
  2. Stevelp

    Strange hand issue

    Thanks qhartman, I agree it’s an awesome watch but this one’s going to stay with me. I have been leaning towards a gear train issue as well I just haven’t got as far as tearing it down again. Watchweasol thanks for the suggestion, I actually have removed the dial and the day and date wheels to see if there’s any link but it continues to do the same thing.
  3. Stevelp

    Strange hand issue

    Hello again everyone! So I’ve just completed repairing a Hamilton 36000 Chronospeed (many broken screws, missing parts) that I found in a parts box. The watch now runs wonderfully but has developed a strange habit with the hands. The watch did not run when I found it so I’m unsure if it had this issue previously. When the watch gets to 10:19 AM and PM the hour and minute hand stop there but the second hand continues on. If I advance the hands a few minutes things resume and are good until 12 hours later. To eliminate the possibility of the hands touching I installed the hour and minute hands each by themselves but they each stop at their respective places. When setting the time, it almost feels a little to effortless to move the hands with the crown, could this at all be related? I can figure out the basics when it comes to wristwatches but this is a little beyond my knowledge at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The photo below is of the finished product.
  4. Stevelp

    Girard Perregaux Identification

    Sorry for the delayed response everyone! Thanks so much for all the information!! Haha yankeedog and andyhull, I will do my best to resist the urge to lick the dial. I have made it habit to use finger cots at all times when taking down or assembling a watch. I will maybe add a mask when dealing with potential radium dials to be on the safe side. So as far as cleaning the movement, is there any precautions needed there as far as pre cleaning any potential radium dust from the dial, I don’t really want anything like that in my cleaning solutions, or am I being to paranoid?
  5. Hi everyone! So I found this guy lying in the bottom of a pile of parts watches and was wonder if someone could help me identify it? I would like to dive in and fix it up but I have a bit of a concern when it comes to the possibility of radium dials. I see so see what looks like luminous dots at the hour indicators but I don’t know what it is. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!
  6. Stevelp

    Bulova date indicator

    I agree WatchmMaker about the photos, I do take many as I go along when doing a watch that is unfamiliar. I guess I didn't quite catch it this time.
  7. Stevelp

    Bulova date indicator

    Alright! Got it figured out! WatchMaker that photo was extremely helpful in finding my issue. Having never had one of these movements apart I installed the indicated piece incorrectly. I now find out it is the unlock yoke for the date wheel. I installed it as shown it the picture and away it went! Thanks everyone for all the help! This forum is a great place! Always learning everyday!
  8. Stevelp

    Bulova date indicator

    Thanks WatchMaker for the great pic! I'll have a peek and do some comparison to your picture.
  9. Stevelp

    Bulova date indicator

    Thanks for the reply Latvas! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem. I'll take out the crown and give it a go!
  10. Hi everyone! So I recently pick up a Bulova Set-O-Matic with a AS-2066 movement. The watch was not working when I got it but after a cleaning everything seems to be working great. The only issue I’m having is that the date does not seem to switch when the watch passes 12 o clock. The day of the week changes just fine when passing 12 o clock. When I manually set the hands past 12 still no luck. The only way I can change the date is by the quick set feature. I came across a second AS-2066 that also does this. Is it coincidence that they both do it or is it by design? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Stevelp

    Hamilton 36000

    Thanks Watchmaker for the great info! It shows it so well! Thanks again!
  12. Stevelp

    Hamilton 36000

    Hi everyone! So i recently was lucky enough to find a Hamilton 36000 automatic. This is my first time encountering an AS1920 high beat movement. I've now torn down the movement for cleaning and oiling but not being familiar with this movement I'm not sure if all the pieces are there. I found a PDF of the parts breakdown on the Cousins website and seem to be missing 2 pieces (I think). Just curious if someone out there can shine some light on this to confirm if my suspicions are correct. The circled portion of the picture is the area in question. It looks to me like there is a provision for a spring and a lever. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Greetings from Manitoba Canada! Watch repair is a fairly new hobby to me, just shy of 2 years now. I have jumped in with both feet and have tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible up to this point and I look forward to the wealth of knowledge that I will learn from everyone here! I started with pocket watches and now am into automatics as well. I look forward to talking with you all!