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  1. phydaux

    ETA GMT movement?

    thanks, Andy. That's exactly what I was looking for. "Quick, Rorschach! To Watchbase!" Nana Nana Nana Nana Watchman.......!!!!
  2. So for various ETA movements: 6497/8 are the pocket watch movements 2801 is the manual wind movement 2824 is the workhorse automatic movement 2892 is the slim automatic movement with date 2836 is the automatic day/date movement 7750 is the automatic day/date chronograph movement 7751 is the automatic day/date/month chronograph moon phase movement What is the GMT movement?
  3. Grand Seikos are very well respected in luxury watch circles.
  4. Nothing is wrong with Incabloc, so far as I know. i'm just wondering what ELSE might be out there that I might see if I open up a watch.
  5. Seems like most decent watch movements use Incabloc shock protection. Are there alternatives?
  6. So in my journey to become fluent with watch repair i have so far focused on ETA movements and their clones. Specifically the 6498, 2801, 2824, 2892, 2636, and the 7750. To be honest, I have focused on these movements because they and their clones are readily available on eBay. I'm thinking I should add common movements from other companies, for example Seiko and Miyota. The question becomes, then, what ones? I want to practice on movements that are common and broadly used, but I also want to be able to buy the naked movement cheaply. Any recommendations?
  7. That's a Chinese copy of an ETA 6498. I plan on taking that apart and reassembling it. Then, provided it still WORKS, I'll case it up and make a nice pilot watch out of it.
  8. I'd like to post a pic of the watch my wife gave me for Christmas: Some assembly required. lol
  9. Thanks HSL. Otto Frei lists dials for the ETA 2824 but not the 2892. It's good to know that I can use 2824 dials.
  10. Can an ETA 2892 share dials with other movements? Like a 2801, a 2824, or a 2836? I have some projects in mind and I want to use the 2892 movement because it is thin like the 2801. But I can't seem to track down ant 2892 dials. I was wondering if I could use 2801, 2824, or 2836 dials.
  11. Got a 6498 clone on order from China. Now I've got to wait for the panda bear carrying it to swim all the way from Nan King. I kinda want to throw it in a case and make a watch, but I think I need to practice assembly and disassembly. I'll also need to practice oiling it. So I'll need a cleaning set up to clean off all the still-good factory oil so I can oil it. And once I've done that, who knows if it will ever work again? Or even if it does if it will keep good time? So I'll need a timing machine to test it. So many steps after your first baby steps, but they seem to fall quickly like dominoes.
  12. Seems to me that the long focal length would allow you to do watch work when sitting at a regular bench/desk rather than a raised up watchmaker-style bench. Do you find that's true?
  13. I get that, but I'm planning my upcoming projects and they all involve automatic movements. I'm thinking of using a 6497/8 for a "classic" pilot watch, but I'm thinking I'd like a "modern pilot watch" with an automatic movement just a little bit better.
  14. phydaux

    binocular loupes

    Hmm... I've got a Bausch and Lomb 4x loupe, and I'm waiting for my loupe wire to come in the mail from Amazon. I've seen "similar" cheap glasses-style loupes, but they specifically said they do NOT provide binocular vision. These seem adjustable to provide binocular vision. Guess I'll just wait for my loupe wire to arrive in the mail. Damn ground shipping from China. (How do they even DO ground shipping across the ocean? Do they strap it to a crab and have him walk?)
  15. Does anyone here use binocular loupes, similar to the dental loupe pictured below? If so, how do they work for you?