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  1. Yes have the jig and are bergeon think it's Swiss v Japanese
  2. So got a doner watch and thought it looked good took the back off and thought let's put it through its paces on the time grapher ho dear ..... _ 432 s/d amplitude 0.3. lift angle @ 52 @180 degree then 90 degrees 644 _ s/d amplitude 3.4ms ect. So strip down commences visor on can you hear me major Tom ? Yes Ferric oxide don't know if one is allowed to say rust .now ........the problem that really caught me out as a newbie was SCREWDRIVER slip and thought it's the blade thickness that was not fat enough and sure enough it wAs so for all newbies it's just not the width
  3. Hello finally got round to this at last have been getting everything ready for my intro sofar it as took me 3 years yes 3 years building all my tools up and finding the odd vintage watch for my collection also learning from Mr lovick and courses books media sites etc and much more Starting at level entry basic and working up without to much stress . Collect any vintage and off the beat Seiko and also miniature pocket watches also crap at Media technology
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