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  1. Thanks for the support....but I am a noob and I don't understand the actual names of parts....I think it is fine with the admin for us to talk on Instagram...please message me on Instagram @abhishek.18_
  2. Yes,the seconds hand goes back and forth a little and stops,I guess we need to talk one to one...for that can you share your Instagram I'd or I will share mine so that i can neatly explain and understand. Regards, Abhishek
  3. Hey guys anybody out there know how to get into these big companies,what qualities should one poses or what course should we do?
  4. Hey Joe thanks for replying,I am a noob at watch repairing but I always wanted to get more into it but lacked supervision,I am facing problems with my watch because I guess it's been years I serviced it and the problem is that even if I wind it it does not work.I hope you provide me with some knowledge and technical details about it.thank you.
  5. Hey guys need some advice and a talk about my watch, actually it is my dad's and want to repair and gift him on his birthday,as I am falling a little short on money I hope I could fix this myself!
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